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Friday, November 6, 2015

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How Iceland Beat The Banks

Can You Still Hide Money in Swiss Banks?


Choosing to let its banks fail, Iceland chose to help its people and had a surprising economic recovery. So, how did Iceland beat the banks?

Learn More:
Excerpts: Iceland’s Oddsson
“Last week, Iceland’s central bank chief, David Oddsson, a former prime minister and Reykjavik mayor, appeared on RUV, the state-owned public-service broadcaster.”

After Crisis, Iceland Holds a Tight Grip on Its Banks
“An angular glass building on the waterfront here used to be the headquarters of a banking giant with operations in Europe, North America and the Middle East.”

From Boom To Bust: The Iceland Story
“This chapter tells an Icelandic saga, albeit not one of the classic kind with more embellished heroes than villains.”

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  1. Atomic “Giga” Troll says:

    Odin bless iceland.

  2. Michael Ball says:

    Iceland has a population of 0.32 million compared to the u.s 320 million. many icelandics are working 3 jobs to counteract the high taxes the government have put in place to overcome the deficit of the banks.did this guy really use Greece and estionia as examples of other European GDP? lol every country ideally wants to be between 3-4% yearly. he picked out the two biggest failing markets in all of Europe lol

  3. Contagious Gaming says:

    'Oli Grís FTW! Hver er með mér?

  4. Contagious Gaming says:

    Why I love living here (Iceland)

  5. Marteinn Logi Jóhannsson says:

    Im from iceland

  6. dispatcher7007 says:

    One more proof: No bailouts and spend money to cussion those who suffer the most from it!

  7. Pranshu Sejpal says:

    Greece is not comparable to Iceland and countries 'like' Greece, that the video keeps referring to, are not many and shouldn't be used as a comparison

  8. elkor101 says:

    but I live there and its not that grate :(

  9. MegaMementoMori says:

    I approve not bailing out the banks from tax money, but having social programmes is outrageous!

  10. Goldmattress says:

    This video fails to mention the colossal internal collapse Iceland suffered after the banks failed, standards of living are still lower than 2007.

    Not just that but Iceland did not choose to let it's banks fail, it had no choice, the option was not on the table.

  11. Hōtarō Oreki says:

    Iceland and Ireland are also the only countries where women get enough children to increase the population.

    Both Ireland and Iceland have 2.3 children/woman and this is a rarity in europe.

    I wish the society in germany would support a familiy with at least 2 children but we only have gay/lesbian propaganda here.

  12. PacificCircle1 says:

    Iceland still had to pay out.

  13. Henry Chau says:

    This is full of shit, talk to anyone in Iceland, almost all of them feel like they were cheated by the government and banker during and after the crisis

    And a major reason that it is doing better is because they did something called capital control, given their initial crisis wasn't a debt problem but a financial reserve problem, that is they do not have enough currency, so they decided to forbidden capital exchange foreignly.

  14. sicktoaster says:

    I think if it wasn't for political uncertainties (that Republicans would vote against social welfare legislation) we could've succeeded at this too. The economy needs finance, but it doesn't have to be through the same institutions that caused the problems. Iceland still financed what used to be financed by the banks through social welfare for those suffering financially due to the banks collapse. I don't know the specifics of the policies but this could be applied to both people and to businesses who were hurt by the collapse of the banks.

    If we have to, that is if there are no good banks left, then we should not hesitate to nationalize the banks and if not jail then at least fire everyone involved in making the decisions responsible for economic collapse and then blacklist them from ever working in a bank again (even once private banking is reintroduced). Of course the Republicans would never allow that. The people who rant about small government are the same people who leave the government with no choice but to reward crooked private interests.

  15. mugen shiyo says:

    I doubt they "beat the banks". More viable to say the banks simply doesn't care to deal with them or the banks got their way and it seems like they beat the banks.

  16. Jon b says:

    Do how Powerful is the Banking Cartel ??

  17. Ruslan Virchich says:

    I really believe you should read about the Icelandic financial crisis protests.

  18. Brianna Sellers says:

    I hate fricken banks, there fucking corrupt and seem to think they can get away with everything from tricking people into paying more and forcing people out of there homes by Making it seem like they hadn't pay there dept. Let's Jail all these Corrupt Bankers for there tricks and traps and live in a world where we don't need fucking banks

  19. Ranmage says:

    How powerful is Estonia? 

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