Henderson Town Board Approves Continuing Funding for Article 78 Lawsuit Appeal

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Town Board approved a motion to continuing the funding of the Appeal of the Article 78 lawsuit against the Town of Hounsfield and Upstate NY Power. This was motion was approved on June 22, 2011. A member in the audience objected to Mr. Ross voting on this because he has financial dealings with Upstate NY Power and stands to gain greatly from the TRANSMISSION LINES. The vote was 3-2 with Ross and Town Supervisor voting against.

Explanation of concerns regarding the Long Term Control Plan of the Buffalo Sewer Authority.

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  1. kcbos27 says:

    How did you make out with  your article-78?  I live in a rural neighborhood and I and my neighbors are considering this against our County.  I have had some difficulty getting information to file with the County Supreme Court.  How long is the process?

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