Here’s Why The U.S. School System Is Broken

Monday, March 13, 2017

What Does It Take To Fix A Failing U.S. School?

Once topping global rankings, many say U.S. schools have fallen due to weak curriculum and low funding. But is its education system really broken?

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The Atlantic: America’s Not-So-Broken Education System

EdSource: U.S. scores stagnant, other nations pass us by in latest international test

U.S. scores stagnant, other nations pass us by in latest international test

Chicago Tribune: Chicago parents press for solution to overcrowded schools

Los Angeles Times: Bar set low for lifetime job in L.A. schools

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  1. Dan Kasyanov says:

    do one about why new jersey is seen as a "trashy state"

  2. Dylan says:

    Schools in the US are more of a game on who can get the highest test scores and memorize the most rather than teaching for the gift of learning

  3. Jamil Feem says:

    But American schools are as bad as we think. Improved standardized test scores does not mean improved quality in education, it just proves an increased practice for test-taking and memorizing.

  4. Roman Soiko says:

    standardized tests don't prove a school's performance they prove how well students can memorize the test a better metric to evaluate school performance is employment rates does the student body population have the skills necessary to do advanced jobs?

  5. A.M O says:

    Professors are the problem
    most of my professors don't know shit about teaching
    some don't even lecture


    South dakota is 51st ?????
    I cant be the only one that cought that

  7. Johnny Cena says:

    my state, Utah, spends the most out of any state on education, but least per kid. we're so overcrowded.

  8. SuperEdge67 says:

    Betsy De Vos wants to completely privatise the US education system. Yet the best education system in the world is Finland, where there are no private schools. All schools in Finland are public schools and the teachers are extremely well paid so therefore the best and brightest are attracted to the profession.

  9. Fell Man says:

    The government forces you to go to school at gun point which is why it sucks. If you don't send your kid to private school or home educate them you're required to at least send them to public school. If you don't do that a jack booted thug a.k.a. a truancy officer hunts them down and brings them there. In addition to that you and your kid can get fined and jailed for not being in a specific place for a specific amount of time.

    That's pretty fucking sad. I mean in a country that claims to be land of the free your forced to get an education just because someone decides what's right for you and then makes you do it. It isn't really about learning or job preparation, it's about indoctrination.

    I love how society claims to care about children yet it forces them into prisons a.k.a. schools we're you're forced to be with a bunch of bullies and other assholes as well as dick head teachers that shove bullshit down your throat. Yeah that's totally caring for people. Controlling your neighbor's children is totally caring for society.

    Learn what you want, when you want and don't let someone tell you what's good for you and then fucking make you have it.

  10. Nick_tic says:

    NO NO NO the all time high of high school grads is because of smart phones. No school, teacher, and district can morally say the increased test scores is because of them.

  11. Auxytocin says:

    Oh wow that's great more students are off to college! Now how many of those students are in debt and trying to find jobs?

  12. TheThedot says:

    Capitalist need stupid 3rd world scum to scam, manipulate and exploit $$$.

  13. TheThedot says:

    Wasting money on non humans trying to improve their test scores while lowering school standards, so they can pass as human. 3rd world scum suck ass. we need a civil war and kil them and their fuckign diversity.

  14. PeepNSheep says:

    From what I've heard, the Argentine school system is also pretty bad. No offense to any Argentinos.

  15. KSI says:

    why is the west so ungrateful for everything they have?

  16. Daniel Kwak says:

    the only part about school i can honestly say is truly learning in the athletic aspect of schools, thats where the true learning comes is.

  17. Daniel Kwak says:

    the reason the school system is failing is because its corrupt, just as any government/organization.

  18. Nick Pop says:

    How about the grading system and compulsory homework assignments? What do people think about that? I think the grading system is unecessarily high with a C being 70% and considered weak or barely average. This why there's so much emphasis over test-taking skills over actual learning and teaching. Compare that with the systems in the UK, France or even Canada where the passing grade is 50% or 60%. Those make more sense and are more realistic like in the real world where only the very few best get 80% or 90%. I think the grading standards are definitely part of the problem in US education.

  19. Micha Bode says:

    here is why the US SUCKS IN EDUCATION.

  20. EPortals says:

    The definition of teacher in the United States has changed, going from an adult who teaches students well to an adult who is a part of the Teacher's Union, teaches their students poorly, and does not care to put effort into their teaching.

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