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Monday, October 31, 2016

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Truth About Chocolate – Health Food, Junk or Drug? Nutrition by Natalie

You constantly see news articles promoting health benefits of chocolate such as antioxidant content.

This video discusses both the health benefits and risks.

Is Chocolate a super food, fast junk food or a drug?

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  1. bob Barkley says:

    This Channel Is horrible…

  2. Jermaine Burnette says:

    It can course cancerAnt to Mitch grese

  3. Gra Piken says:

    Chocolate simultaneously treats and causes depression at the same time. The caffeine is also a problem and other compounds can cause tiredness. There are many benefits, expecially for arteries and brain function.. However, its intrinsically addictive properties are making me think about giving it up completely. 

  4. Krissy Valentine says:

    Too much fattening qualities

  5. Mr.Galvanize says:

    High suger and salt mixed with saturated fats and carbs

  6. Bigtime YoutubeWatcher says:

    because it has salt !!!

  7. Ariyana Addison says:

    I would say fast food is bad because it's FAST FOOD. Like, wouldn't you think that food that is not ment to be cooked in a matter of minutes be bad?

  8. Shreya Kannan says:

    To much oil

  9. rono1919 says:

    Fast food is bad because, most has very little nutrition, it's full of sodium and sugar not to mention probably full of GMOs.

  10. aetl100 says:

    Hot chocolate made with baking cocoa powder, almond milk and honey is my treat at the end of the day.

  11. Helen says:


  12. Joy Liu says:


  13. ricardo vega says:

    For me its bad fat food because companys dont explain clear about quantities of sugar, salt,calories etc and common people we cant understand well what does mean all ingredients. I feel a thing very strange when companies pay millions dollars to singer, athletes, models and dont we have nutriticional education on school public system. Goverment and companies food together we are ignorants and overstimulated for propaganda.

  14. SuperWap3 says:

    Milk and sweetened chocolate is surely an adulterated, that is screwed up by mankind junk food.   Chocolate by itself, such as bakers unsweetened chocolate may be quite a different story.  Baker's chocolate seems to be made up of many favorable healthy components and mood enhancers besides being delicious when blended with raw nuts such as almonds.  Sure there is a little fat included but healthy fats which are a key nutrient of good health.  I choose bakers chocolate in moderation as a part of great health.

  15. SuperWap3 says:

    I agree with Eoin Kenny:  First and foremost fast food is made from the cheapest sources available.  Secondly the oil used to (and most fast food is deep fat fried) is nearly always hydrogenated oil and often rancid or reused reheated oil which causes greater damage to the human body.  Canola oil, actually made from a toxic weed the rapeseed weed makes an excellent pesticide believe it or not.  If you question that if you research you will confirm this point.  Next nearly all flour used to make the breads for fast food is white flour that turns to sugar in the body.  Sugar feeds cancer cells and causes behavior problems in children and diabetes problems in the human body.  French fries from the fast food source are deadly to the human body for numerous reasons.  Then on top of the earlier reasons, numerous generally accepted as food additives, not traditionally ever considered foods are added to the mix to enhance flavor, improve the sensation in the mouth such as propylene glycol the same ingredient of automotive antifreeze and other chemicals including preservatives and msg a flavor enhancing amino acid that throws the amino acid balance of the body out of kilter.  Is there need of any other factor to keep the hospitals full of paying patients?


    Lemons and grapefruits are bitter as well. Does this mean that they're poisonous?

  17. MrDennis21jel says:

    you're pretty ^.^ hehehe

  18. Eoin Kenny says:

    Fast food is unhealthy because 90% of the time it is comprised mainly of sugar and fat, a combination not found in nature. It causes an insulin spike alongside a high caloric load and your body stores the food mainly as body fat rather than using it for energy.

  19. Uncle Rader says:

    fast foods contain starch, starch causes tooth decay and fatness, sugar isn't necessarly bad, it cause cancer to receed.

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