HockeyShot Tiles Review – New Tiles VS Old Tiles

Thursday, September 14, 2017

All gear was provided by HockeyShot so I could review it, and they sponsor my website and Youtube videos. LINKS\/\/
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In this review I compare the old HockeyShot tiles to the new hockey training tiles. I look at how slick they are, how well the puck glides, how durable they are and how easy they are to put together.

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  1. Coach Jeremy says:

    Thanks for watching guys! Just so everyone knows, all gear was provided by HockeyShot so I could review it, and they sponsor my website and Youtube videos. LINKS //
    Follow on Instagram –
    HockeyShot Tiles –
    My ultimate tile set-up –
    TheNasher61 set-up –

  2. Amy Kay says:

    You're videos are really helpful

  3. Henry McLellan says:

    The polished concrete in my unfinished basement works great too ?

  4. Braxton Singleton says:

    Hey coach how do you buy them, do you have to buy one at a time?

  5. Talon Whaley says:

    Who else has the new tiles ?

  6. Markus Fletcher says:

    does the green buiscuit perform better on ice than a normal puck

  7. Kimberly Engel says:

    Have you ever tried adding a polish to the tiles to improve puck movement? Or maybe a silicone spray?

  8. Thunder 1195 says:

    goalie slide board???

  9. The EmmyG says:

    Thoughts on betterhockeynorthamerica?

  10. Kenny Huang says:

    Can you skate on these?

  11. Tycc14 says:

    hi Jeremy

  12. Tycc14 says:

    hi Jeremy

  13. Jason Shaffer says:

    That zeal stick is a beauty, eh?

  14. always ferda says:

    What's your opinion on puck board from a hardware store? it's so much cheaper and you get a huge board

  15. Dan P says:

    Jermey if you fast forward the vid to where you are slashing the pads it looks like you took a bad shot and are made at the pads

  16. ted b says:

    try spraying a silicone lubricant on top, it will make it exactly like ice

  17. Killo pazy says:

    u look so retarded slashing the tiles

  18. TSFL Zakitis says:

    hi,can you please give away hockey tiles?

  19. Tyster_ 19 says:

    Where do u buy hockey shot tiles ?

  20. snip3d0505 says:

    If you can't get these tiles, get some of those plastic carpet protectors from costco for $15-20 each. 3ftx4ft, bit of silicon spray, works amazingly. edges are tapered so you can almost join them together too.

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