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Thursday, December 8, 2016

A girl faces her conscience and tries to change her past wrongdoings into right to save herself from feeling guilty her entire life.

Director: Chinmay Kotekar
Actors: Krupa Sindhwad, Bhavya Sharma
Screenplay & Dialogues: Zulfiqar Sayyed & Abhinay Dutta
Assistant Director: Utkarsh Kumar
DOP: Juielee Vedak
Camera Assistant: Jitendra Yadav
Editor: Abhinay Dutta
Production Manage: Shoeib Qureshi

#TeenagePregnancy #MaritalAbuse #DomesticViolence #Khalish #NoToRape
#NoMeansNo #TheShortCuts
Video Rating: / 5

This episode originally aired in 2008. And sadly, ever since then, we’ve gone from former child star Jamie Lynn Spears having a baby to various reality TV shows about teen pregnancy. Is it any wonder why this problem isn’t going away?

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  1. Melissa Gracian says:

    what the flying fuck did I just watch

  2. soneelita says:

    3 out of 10….please don't blame girls only ! Doesn't the guy feel guilty also ?

  3. Ankita Hota says:

    grt job….gud way to make girls aware from their so called true love….who just use them because they need sex…and leave them when responsibility comes…keep it up

  4. Gandharva Deshpande says:

    what the fuck did i just see, so unanticipated

  5. Kunal Varshney says:

    thats not sounding like a mom's voice…. stop fooling us

  6. Bornini chandan says:

    I don't like it.

  7. Akash Dhar says:

    direction and execution could have been better

  8. sunset dark says:

    I have no idea why I see these videos ??????

  9. Tushar Choudhary says:

    my brain hurts now.

  10. sachin chandelia says:

    ye bilcul shahi he

  11. Rakesh Rathi says:

    bhai dimag hoga tabhi to samjhoge bhai mujhe to acchi lagi kisi ko lage ya niii is main do option note hai like ya unlike to WO use karo is comment box main kahe Ki matha pacchi Kr rahe ho or dusro ko bata rahe ho k tum hi ho Jo is India ko sudharne main lage ho…… thik hai …….. dekho bhai main. bhi samajhta hoon k democracy hai per itni bhi niii hai k tum dimag Ki kaisi taisi ker do main jayda kuch niii bolta per ……. batao……. dosto nice concept…… I like it….

  12. Suman Roy says:

    Those who do sex before marriage belong to 3rd Class Family…with no moral values or ethics…

    Condom were invented in west by degraded ppl who didnt wanted kids to have responsibility…they only wanted enjoyment & fun…this breed came when State was declared free from Religion(Church)…and it led to birth of many problems in society related to marital affairs and family…

  13. Irfan Febriansyah says:

    good film but i dont understand what the conversation in this film
    maybe if you give english subtitle will make this film more easy to understand, at least fo me

  14. Ravi Rathour says:


  15. Sanjay Hallu says:

    grt msg for evry girl
    must watch evry this video ….love this video.

  16. Shivam Malhotra says:

    Acc. To them don't have sex till marriage ??? Condoms were invented for a reason.

  17. Aashish V says:

    She opened the door and other lady said," Madam ye ninbu mirchi le lo na." lol

  18. Amit Dwivedi says:

    itni achi ladki bigad di

  19. Tushar Aggarwal says:

    haha m just waiting for people to come and comment be open minded use protection 🙂 and all stuff. since they wont understand that being open minded is not just having fun its mean have fun but be fucking responsible too :)

  20. Regular Indian says:

    so dumb use protection and have fun

  21. Luana Amara says:

    Damn my mother won't even let me date until I'm 25 and these hoes are pregnant at 13.

  22. It'sgabybaby says:

    I'm 18 and I never been in a relationship lmfaoo

  23. PinkPoodleVlogs says:

    I'm so thankful that I was and still am not like that. I do not want a baby until I am happily married and financially ready!

  24. Amy Liu says:

    That's what happens when kids have too much time on their hands

  25. Finster FinsterBinn says:

    13 & I've never seen a penis in person ? my boyfriend is 18 tho but he's not like that.

  26. Roisin Shutthehellup says:

    I think the problem is that girls are raised to be so submissive, these girls are clearly very insecure. They think that if they have something there it will love them forever and they will have a purpose in life. They should have been taught that being on your own is a fine thing. You don't need other people to gratify yourself, and they should have been taught self application and confidence. There beautiful young ladies who obviously don't believe in their own potential and think having a baby is the best thing they will amount to.

  27. ThatGomacGirl says:

    my name is grace and im glad im not one of these girls

  28. emeroeld dsouza says:

    I am 21 and in my last year of college(doing my bachelor's degree) and I get scared as fuck at the thought of having a baby so young.

  29. Lilli165Lilli says:

    sex is something these kids are doing these times… you could die girls! well… that escalated quickly

  30. 19Gigz91 says:

    Jeez….I didn't have sex until I was 23! and even then it was a huge thing!!!! I was married in a stable relationship and now Im 25 and im still not ready for kids. How are these girls so non chalant about this?!!

  31. tealrose 84 says:

    I'm 32 and can't even imagine having a child.

  32. Eliza g says:

    I'm 13 and holding someones hand makes me uncomfortable. I have a dog and that's my kid and I'm perfectly happy taking care of my three year old DOG. Pregnancy is not a joke these are ppl not toys. 

  33. Mxyiel says:

    This is fvck3d up! Girl you dont need no man! they are not your life! you can move on without them!!

  34. Skye King says:

    OH HELL NO these girls needs and ass whooping.If i had a daughter do THAT,and I meaning MYSELF don't wanna whoop her THIS is my only reason to whoop the living shit out of her.Meaning that the moms needs to slap or whoop some sense into her!I know there trying to be nice but DAMN

  35. Sophie Nugent says:

    Tyra is so addictive it's a school night and I'm binge watching fffffck

  36. Sophie Nugent says:

    She has labyrinth eyeshadow ?

  37. Sophie Nugent says:

    13??????? Holy fuck I'm 13 wtf

  38. Makaylah Williams says:

    i can deal with babies, but i don't even want to imagine the labor part…..??

  39. Makaylah Williams says:

    at first i felt bad for these girls… but now.. i just don't know…???

  40. Esmë Hannah says:

    WTH are these girls doing! I'm a teen and I'm happy with my two cats! Tyra should've given these girls some cat or dog they don't wake you up they happily sit by you and ask for food???

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