How a Sick Chimp Led to a Global Pandemic: The Rise of HIV

Thursday, February 8, 2018

In the first video in our two part series on HIV and AIDS, we explain how scientists figured out what HIV is, when the infection morphs into AIDS, and where they think the virus originated.

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Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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On May 25, 2016, OADS offered the first in the “We Were There” lecture series. The inaugural event, “And the Band Played On…Early Days of the AIDS Epidemic in the United States: Views from Atlanta and Hollywood,” commemorated the 35th anniversary of the first AIDS MMWR article with a presentation by Dr. Harold Jaffe and Dr. Jim Curran. They shared their unique perspectives from their time leading CDC in the early response to HIV/AIDS, discussing their personal experiences and relating them to clips from the film And the Band Played On. Dr. Jaffe and Dr. Curran were then joined on stage by Dr. Walt Dowdle and Dr. Martha Rogers for a question and answer segment.

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  1. Tony Hyeok says:

    So who on this comment section has aids?

  2. M. Jordan says:

    Watch "Cure for HIV & Cancer Dr SEBI Reveals His Cure for AIDS and Other Diseases" on YouTube

  3. AlabamaSoldier says:

    So, it's basically Black peoples' fault.

  4. Bungis Albondigas says:

    You never mentioned anything about how American and European medical companies or even politics played the biggest part in fast tracking the formulation and global dissemination of HIV to the world by a factor of decades.

    Cutter were responsible for infecting many Americans with Polio. Their Polio vaccines contained live Polio, and Bernice Eddy even warned the government that monkeys in the Cutter labs were becoming paralyzed after being inoculated against Polio, but the government ignored her completely and gave Cutter the license to sell the vaccine anyway.

    During this time of big profit, Cutter purchased an animal feed farm, two plastic manufacturers, two veterinary product manufacturers and an allergy medicine company.

    After the polio incident, Eddy showed that an extract of Rhesus Monkey Kidney Cells the lab used as a growing medium for the Polio vaccine, contained an oncological agent, and caused tumours to form when injected into newborn hamsters. She suggested that to avoid contamination in the future, any green monkey cells the lab would use should be screened for signs of this agent.

    It was a wild west of experimentation, where no safety precautions were enforced, it would have been easy for Cutter to accidentally spread SIV this way.

    Bayer bought Cutter in 1978. They sold blood plasma products to haemophiliacs in the US, as well as many other countries. They produced a large amount of unpasteurized product. When they discovered that there was something wrong with the products, they were reluctant to update their product, because it would eat into their margins, and they already had such a huge surplus of dirty, Aids infected stock from Cutter contamination.

    And when the western world caught on, they decided to sell what was left of their unpasteurized plasma to the Asians and South Americans. Chemists the world over were still getting rid of the old medicine stock to haemophiliacs after Bayer made the discovery of the virus in the products, because there was no impetus for the big medical companies to do anything to warn the world about it.

    Bayer got blood for cheap or free, and made a big profit off of other peoples illness. The people responsible have never seen criminal justice to this day, despite public outcry.

    HIV is responsible for increased genital mutilation, the furtherance of anti-homosexual stereotypes, and an increase of the suffering of an already beaten down continent(kind of like blaming them for eating monkeys, instead of blaming the medical companies for using unfiltered blood from monkeys for their tests and profits). The whole debacle has also left the entire planet much less trusting of the contents of any syringe, government or Human endeavor.

  5. John Jackson says:

    Where did AIDS come from? Some sick bastard butt f**ked a chimp.
    Bushmeat is the PG(tips) answer.

  6. Peter Müller says:

    I just realised that HIV is similar to a game of Plaque Inc. Lets hope it doesn't end like one.

  7. daniel hirt says:


  8. Nekroses says:

    C'mon Michael. Everybody knows that the first infection start because a man f*cked a sick chimpanzee.

  9. gaurav nimesh says:

    Kill them….and then this disease will extinct.
    Kill them all.

  10. justsomeawesome dude says:

    I can’t believe it takes 10 minutes to explain ONE virus! By the end of the day I will forget some or most of this?.

  11. Ivan Curic says:

    Nothing good ever came from Africa

  12. Mihnea Zoican says:

    I thought some weirdo had sex with a chimp… The hunter theory is a lot more humane though


  14. Amos Achan Kunju says:

    It's correct HIV came from SIV which is present in chimps but what's incorrect is that it didn't come from butchering and consuming chimp meet because Africans have been doing it for thousands of years.the first recorded instance or the origin of the disease is from the Belgian Congo where the United States tested their polio vaccine which was cultivated from chimpanzee liver.around 2 million people were vaccinated without their knowledge that they where being used as mere test subjects or lab rats.this happened between 1957 to 1960.its is important to note that wherever this vaccine was given were the first places where people started falling sick by a deadly disease which came to be know today as aids.i will share a documentary so that people will come to know how in the name of medical experiments human lives are sacrificed and new disease come into existence.

  15. BB Benny says:

    Thanks Africa.

  16. Saraiva Toledo says:

    " How a Sick Chimp in a white robe in a state laboratory led to a Global Pandemic: The Rise of HIV " … " coooool … this sounds interesting … "

  17. God says:

    retroviruses and ERVs, my arch nemesis

  18. Roger William says:

    Soo wrong humans created controls population

  19. Roblox Kanye - Minecraft Roblox And more says:

    crapy 2000s hookup culter propelled the aids acedemic because instead of chasity people jus t randomly have sex and then leave its dumb disrespectful culture that propelled and exeled young people

  20. Aaron Tuplin says:

    So there's antibodies in your spit but not in your blood? When did this happen

  21. Troy says:

    Thank you CDC for your kind words about the Gay Communities help during the dark days of the 80's. But I dont agree with the new PreP drugs being used today. Any long term antiviral use is a recipe for disaster and mutations.

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