How Cells Become Specialized

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

How do cells in your body differentiate into other types of cells? Explore cell specialization featuring stem cells and their role in cell differentiation. For examples on types of specialized cells, see our “Specialized Cells” video here:

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More detailed information about terms “multipotent” and “pluripotent” as well as stem cell therapy? Check out this excellent article:

This video mentions the amazing ability of induced pluripotent stem cells. Here is an article describing this technology in great detail:

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  1. harrypotteravenclaw says:

    is there anyway to donate to the channel, you've helped me loads!

  2. Vegan Living says:

    Thank you for so many amazing videos! Do you guys have any plans for developmental biology videos?

  3. Kevin Yang says:

    lol transcription fairies

  4. Tanya Ramirez says:

    do u know any more channels like yours but more advanced for like high schoolers ??? i'd really appreciate it do u have any recomendations plz or anyone

  5. Rere 14 says:

    You're the best science teacher and ur sis is the best artist #admiredforklift
    Thx for saving me for the quiz ❤u lots!!!!!!

  6. Surjo Ganguly says:

    I (sarcastically) like your forklift, Petunia.

  7. Reema Alnahwi says:

    what genes do stem cells use of the DNA ?

  8. Reema Alnahwi says:

    can specialized cells become unspecialized somehow ?

  9. Hayley Ferme says:

    so plants come from A egg cell
    so does this mean that plants reproduce by SEX?


  10. Ferkeshu' Jeremy says:

    imo the benefits outweight the ethical issues by a lot

  11. nunixnunix04 says:

    thank you for this video! it was easy to understand!

  12. sasuke.uchiha70 says:

    If muscle and neuron cells swapped places, I guess you could say 'do you have muscles for a brain'

  13. MrJkelley500 says:

    As a baby cell, I was pretty special. But now I know I've been double specialized! Thanks, Amoeba Sisters!!

  14. Yusif Karim says:

    hey i love your videos, but i just wanted to point out 1:15 you wrote gus instead of guys not sure if its a mistake but 😀

  15. Naseem Soonasra says:

    Thank for your videos . They are amazing! I ahve a question for you Amoeba Sisters. You mention i this video that "Specific location of the Syem cell in a developing embryo matters because the transcription factors available in different in qauantity and type which can impact what a stem cell can differentiate into". How? Can you expalin more please????

  16. Coffee Flavored says:

    My biology teacher has the class watch your videos often, and I love them since the topics are always explained so well, and the animation makes it entertaining. Keep up the good work!

  17. Taylan Mitchell says:


  18. Ankita Tiwari says:

    Thank you guys sooooo much, you really helped me understand this topic as well as many others such as mitosis and osmosis. Now I feel more confident for my Biology test tomorrow which is said to be really hard. Thannk you again! 🙂

  19. Spencer Hilton says:

    Such forklift

  20. Mya Cook says:

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