How Cloning Can Extend Your Lifespan

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

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Now that humans have perfected the technology of cloning and people are experimenting more with artificial cloning and even stem cell research, what can we do with it?

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What Were The First Animals Humans Ever Cloned?:

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The Value Of Therapeutic Cloning For Patients:

“There is some confusion surrounding use of the word “cloning.” BIO opposes cloning to create a new human being (reproductive cloning) because it is unsafe and unethical.”

World Human Cloning Policies:

“World policies on human or reproductive cloning range from complete prohibition to no policies on record. Thirty-one countries, including France, Germany, and Russia, have banned human cloning altogether.”

Could We Clone Our Organs To Be Used In A Transplant?:

“How would you like a clone of yourself stowed away somewhere in case you need a new heart or liver, like a spare tire in the trunk of a car?”

A Primer On Cloning And Its Use In Livestock Operations:

“Imagine the perfect dairy cow. For eight years she has gotten pregnant on the first try, given birth easily, and produced gallon upon gallon of the best milk.”

FDA Approves Cloned Meat For Consumption:

“It could be years before meat from cloned animals hits store shelves now that the Food and Drug Administration has given producers permission to sell it, but the milk from cloned offspring could hit the markets sooner.”

E.U. Parliament Votes To Ban Cloning Of Farm Animals:

“The European Parliament today voted to ban the cloning of all farm animals as well as the sale of cloned livestock, their offspring, and products derived from them.”

Pet-Cloning Company Makes A Landmark Sale:

“The first cloned-to-order pet sold in the United States is named Little Nicky, a 9-week-old kitten delivered to a Texas woman saddened by the loss of a cat she had owned for 17 years.”

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  1. jess jesse says:

    1: you wanne cloned second hitler ? Seriously ? Madness of evil scientist = fooling deeds ego mental disorder!

  2. Vaughn Nebeker says:

    Ì have Parkinson

  3. Spɩɾɩt Staɾ says:

    Only the Caucasian… What's wrong with the mind of the Caucasian group? It's sad that they really believe they can never do or be wrong about any twisted and perverted ideas they transpire! White people are truly the offspring of the most evil force in the universe! SATAN, LUCIFER, LEGION…

  4. lei says:

    oh my god that gattaca mention

  5. Mad Cat Sphere! ! says:

    Hey everyone please check out my petition I'm getting off the ground its to support lifting the ban on human cloning. Its real and NOT a crazy conspiracy thing. Its a positive and beneficial science. Examples are being able to clone livers or kidneys for emergency use, help woman with infertility, can also help with fighting off disease and aging (better then any cream or surgery), dead animals are currently being cloned now but you dont hear it in the news much. So its not illegal and the biggest one of all is cloning humans alive or dead. Imagine being able to clone a child you have lost to an accident giving them a second chance at life. Any mother and father would love this option in their lives. It would be amazing and just like the animals clones the human clones (rebirths as I call them) would live a normal long happy life. So there is a long list of benefits for lifting this ban. Cloning centers have the ability to clone humans, but the law doesn't not allow for the full development of a human. So they cant get passed early stages, but that doesn't mean that a human can not be cloned. The science had awesome results back in 2003 so by now it should be a 70% mastered technique to bring back a human, but the law prevents us to benefit from this science. Its as shame. Plus there will be laws to protect clones so everything will be fine. Please look into my petition and sign it. Help lift he ban  and allow the world to benefit form this miracle science. Human Cloning. Thank you. Don't mind the first paragraph and title in the petition its all for the greater good. "Lift The Ban And Allow The United States To Benefit From Cloning Research"

  6. Michał Z the Freecks Show says:

    Clonning is like cannabis nowadays. It is used politically as the enemy of mankind, while the Big of the world do not even stop to think before doing it IMO

  7. IcyDragon68 says:


  8. asiburger says:

    Boop. Whatever.

  9. Aleph-Tav says:

    Cloning Laws in USA

    United States
    − Officially, embryonic stem cell research, therapeutic cloning and reproductive
    cloning are legal as there is currently no federal regulation or policies overseeing it.
    − Reproductive and therapeutic cloning are specifically not federally funded.
    However, research on human embryonic stem cells is federally funded if these cell
    lines were created before August 9, 2001. Private industry research is not affected
    by these policies and is allowed to proceed with the creation of new stem cell lines.
    − Some individual states have made their own laws against reproductive and/or
    therapeutic cloning. (See page 15 “State Cloning Legislation”).

  10. chistine lane says:

    why are we so OK with cloning animals, but cloning humans is so taboo, even when it can save so many lives. I think it should be the other way around. cloning animals doesn't save lives or make the world a better place in the long run

  11. smonk 5 says:

    Mhhhhh suckulent

  12. font dragos says:

    Why is the clone identical to the original body considering that there's extranuclear dna??

  13. saagi sharon says:

    I'm not saying I'm against this progress but I can understand why many
    object it as it would be a big loss to the pharmaceutical industry who make a
    living from our sicknesses and the doctors who get bonuses from pushing their

  14. SoCool21 says:

    I really don't see what's so bad about cloning. As long as you have permission from some smart guy you should be allowed to clone whatever you want, even humans.

  15. Jeffrey Gruver says:

    I recently learned about Giant Redwoods and their Burl sack. I always thought the Burl was just like a Tumor or some sort of growth in a tree, I didn't actually know that it housed thousands of mini clones.

  16. Alex Skott says:

    cloning humans banned in u.s. in Daecember 2015. It was placed as an add on amendment to a spending bill.

  17. vengence reicher says:

    poop whatever ??

  18. Kayakasaurus says:

    I haven't had a good nights sleep since the Tasmanian Tiger kicked the bucket

  19. Joe Blow says:

    House of the scorpions!

  20. TheNutSlapper69 says:

    ummm… could one use stem cells to grow an "organic" fleshlight?

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