How Corporate Social Responsibility Impacts Us All

Saturday, October 15, 2016

What does corporate social responsibility mean and how does it impact us all? This is a question that often comes to the forefront of the minds of the masses when there a corporation hits the headlines for good or bad. Corporate social responsibility impacts us all because it is something that should be carried out throughout the company and within each local community and not just something that should be left to those at the executive level.

Corporate social responsibility is not just how the president of the company behaves at a board meeting or the annual stockholders meeting, corporate social responsibility is the accountability of an entire corporation, as in a mission statement, that is embraced and practiced by every member of the corporation. Corporate social responsibility is ensuring that the corporation’s practices and procedures do not negatively impact the community surrounding the company such as dumping toxic waste improperly or choosing to outsource jobs to a foreign country to keep executive bonuses higher but instead set up and implement initiatives that benefit the community, staff and environment.

Corporate social responsibility is the ability of a corporation to operate in a manner that is socially, ethically and morally good whilst still making a profit and can cover anything from making sure that a workforce is diverse and that working conditions and pay are fair, to making sure they offset any negative environmental impacts the business is having and teaching business and corporate responsibility to young people. Corporate social responsibility is not just about ensuring that the organization runs well but about making a positive impact in the lives of employees by giving them a rewarding environment to work in as well as enriching the lives of others by help the community to grow and thrive.

From helping to create global initiatives to save the planet to enriching the lives of the customers who purchase the goods or services that the corporation makes, corporate social responsibility is about not being afraid to roll up one’s sleeves and get involved to make sure the work gets done and the initiatives, environmental or otherwise, succeed and can be rolled out elsewhere and be a sustainable way for the business and its community to thrive. It requires a level of commitment that does not end when the work day is over but instead becomes a lifestyle change and eventually something that none of us even have to think about, we just do it.

Understand more about Corporate Social Responsibility by going online and seeing what environmental awareness initiatives and community projects are happening in your local area.

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