How Do Homeless Women Cope With Their Periods? | NSFWomen

Friday, January 12, 2018

Every month, thousands of homeless women are placed in a crisis situation when they get their periods. From dealing with infections to being unable to purchase sanitary supplies, keeping safe and clean isn’t easy on the streets.

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  1. Chocolaterain2471617 says:

    It is easy being a women. All they have to do is get a nice guy and take him to a back alley or somewhere private and have sex with him at first sight. Make sure he uses a condom first. Eventually a nice guy will take them in, but they will have to treat him nice and respect him 100% of the time. Sometime you have to F your way off the streets.

  2. Akesa Mafi says:

    What about buying one of those reusable cups? Apparently they work amazingly.

  3. mylittlegator says:

    I used to use baby wipes and make pads out of toilet paper. It was high maintenance but worth it. I was obsessed with being clean, much more so than I am now in my own home.

  4. shelley noname says:

    i like her! i could be her friend. very honest, sweet even tho she would rather be tough, not a victim-more of a survivor, lots of good stuff in this lady. i sure do wish she would shave those pits tho 🙂 ugh

  5. Mich Tsomething says:

    wait…how is there a mattress on a city street?!? This video confirms public bathrooms are cesspools for all kind of vile things..

  6. Zack Stachlewitz says:

    Lots of people say these products should be free for all. As a male i belive they shouldn' be free, and they should not be taxed. If you think about it who is going to make tampons or pads if they loose money on them. It is imposible for them to be free. I belive companies think that people need them so they can make them as pricey as they want. I think prices should be lowered so less profit is made. it only takes cotton, string and some fucking plastic (as well as paper for packaging). Thst is all stuff that can be gotten for a few cents, Especially if you buy in bulk. I belive this is relatively reasonable. Do you?

  7. jillianbaker says:

    bless her ?

  8. Rosa Coronel says:

    Have you try to get a job somewhere?

  9. komujimaru says:


  10. Rosa Coronel says:

    You are very strong women!

  11. Yaya Reegs says:

    I LOVE the girl with the dreadlocks hat.

  12. Babbling Badger says:

    I think there should be free basic pads/tampons available for all woman, worldwide. I mean, it's not like it's a choice. No one visits girls going through puberty and asks them if they want periods or not. It just seems so stupid how we're basically forced as a gender to buy these things every month and a lot of the time they're not even that cheap 🙁

  13. LEMON QUEEN says:

    my American friend told me Chick fil a always has free tampons

  14. SoftKitten ASMR says:

    I feel so bad for the homeless women!! My God. I just wish I could cry and fix it for all of them! I feel bad.

  15. Mara Desimoni says:

    I'm going to go stock up on tampons and pads….and keep em in the trunk for when I see a homeless women…..

  16. Toby D1 says:

    Find kinda funny a video about homeless women and their periods gets millions of views yet women make up less than four percent of the homeless population..Noice.

  17. Evie Sultan says:

    It makes me cry ? how they have to do this

  18. Rice Pudding says:

    I truly feel so sorry for them and why do they have to deal with this, for all those people that see this comment plz?? give them some money so they can eat. And buy them what they desperately need.

  19. Shaunna Gould says:

    These women need those menstrual cups! their reusable and 1 cup lasts years. You only have to wash them. They keep you clean and can hold several tampons worth before a wash is needed. This should be an option and pads/tampons as a backup, in the long run it would be less expensive and better for the environment. Every woman could have security around this time.

  20. Blair Waldorf says:

    Maxi pads and tampons are things that should be given out for free. We can't help bleeding every damn month and corporations wanna make a profit off it. It's disgusting.

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