How I Write a Sports Article in 30 Minutes

Sunday, November 5, 2017

A short video on how I write one sports article in half an hour. 🙂

Vice Sports Article Accuses WWE Of Whitewashing Ultimate Warrior's Past

An Excerpt From: “The Don Tony & Kevin Castle Show” Hosted By Don Tony & Kevin Castle

* A special thanks to Don Tony for allowing EPICSPORTS to run this clip.


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  2. Bosch by bosch says:

    How the fuck do you now he changed

  3. aidsbrigade says:

    I don't get what the problem is…they had every right to question the decision to make the spokeswoman of their cancer campaign when her husband said such things.

    If Stephanie McMahon was doing her child protection campaign and Triple H tweeted "ha I'm glad your kid got raped!" to someone he had a personal disagreement with, don't you think the outrage would be justified?

    Just because you guys have fond memories of jacking it to Ultimate Warrior doesn't mean he wasn't a shitty human being

  4. Jennifer Blake SupportChannel says:

    I knew this would be a complete Warrior Defense, they defend him for years… Hogan got ripped for something he said years ago and had to apologize… Warrior said way worse stuff, never apologized and is portrayed now as a Hero .

  5. SUB4YOU says:

    Everybody has said something in their lifetime that is offensive. People need to learn how to forgive people of their mistakes.

  6. TheLoveBomberz says:

    You're Italian you dick. The rule is that you can make fun of your own group. I bet people would've had a problem if you made fun of Irish people or English people. Your experiment was very flawed.

  7. kl17 says:

    Didn't Vince fire the Ultimate Warrior for asking for more money? Why don't they put family killer Chris Benoit into the WWE Hall of Fame.

  8. TheLoveBomberz says:

    THEY aren't the same people. The people talking about Warrior and the people taking down the statues are DIFFERENT GROUPS OF PEOPLE

  9. TheLoveBomberz says:

    I don't think Don Tony understands WHY those statues were taken down……..

  10. Daniel Perry says:

    Warrior is was and would always be a POS. You idiots are sainting people because their dead. Why is it the most ignorant in NY get public venues to run their mouths…

  11. Jono 84 says:

    I'm tired of this PC garbage. Grow up, assholes. Dude didn't like gays, so what? He was mean asf, so what?

    Everything he said was on YouTube. It was public knowledge, there were no secrets to "whitewash."

  12. basterd Hayes says:

    Fuck pc zombies just ignore them and carry on with your freedom

  13. basterd Hayes says:

    It goes to show you that the negatives always out way the positive

  14. Ori0n1975 says:

    Fuck Vice. Marxist bullshit.

  15. youngmeth87 says:

    So they have a problem with warrior but probably complain about Benoit being erased from history

  16. Jenna Leigh says:

    Saying "everyone hates that guy" and "I hate that guy" does not equal "I hope he dies". Not equal. You're "hurt"? Be a fuckin man. Reach out. Open a damn dialogue. Talk to the man. Confront him. Even at the end of his, life Warrior was a huge man- what was he afraid of?

    Heenan aside, the anti gay comments are unacceptable. The comments about Katrina victims- unacceptable. And Jim Hellwig has not been "Jim Hellwig" since what? 1993? He's been WARRIOR- by his own legal maneuvering. You cannot divorce the 2.

    And if they let murderer Snuka, buffoon sexual predator Trump, and Carlos Colon in the HOF, it's not exactly a revered place to be.

    Bret Hart NEVER said Warrior said "fuck make a wish kids". He told a story about ONE TIME Warrior ignored ONE CHILD. The others mentioned in the story have never refuted it.

    If he really changed, great. But the "colossal piece of shit" stories vastly, dramatically, powerfully outnumber the "he's changed" stories, so you can't call it selective anger when that's ALL anyone knew of the man, by his own words and actions. Granted, I read LOTS of stories about how at the HOF and Mania he was more kind and gracious than he had ever been. I choose to believe he mellowed, but you can't un-burn bridges.

  17. rick taylor says:

    5:47 AGAIN….Kevin Castle proves that when he is allowed to speak, he brings insight, logic and sanity to the discussion. I am big-time KC fan. I respect his opinions.

  18. Jason Ex says:

    "He met his wife he was a different person" he married his wife in 1999 all these comments were made after that

  19. Ladale Nesmith says:

    Don Tony came outta know where with the "Fuck you Solomonster" ?

  20. Vishal Sancheti says:

    You two are fucking idiots for calling Keller gay. Why? just because Keller is sensitive too it…. you guys are as bad as Russo. Keller > than you two and it's not even close.

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