How is HIV Transmitted? Episode 2

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Learn the ways of transmitting HIV – sexual, mother to child, or blood transfusion. Weight loss is the biggest factor of HIV, though it’s hard to tell if someone has the virus by just looking at him/her. New medical video every Tuesday and Thursday.

Part 1:

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  1. Kill Bill says:

    so much lies and lies. …Hiv is a hoax…give the real information out…you ugly Indian bitch

  2. 9an99an9 Opp niggad says:


  3. fenton bevan says:

    hiv is not transmissible at all.
    not through sex, needles or wounds.

    do better research.

  4. Next-gen vuurwerk says:

    what if you masturbate and touch some body can they get the desease

  5. Seger says:

    Can u get hiv when u sniffed somebody panty in ur nose answere pls?

  6. pregin Vlogs says:

    what if boy had sex with boy

  7. Thomas Nichols says:

    can U catch it from prenatal cum

  8. Gurpreet singh says:

    +mDhil Health plz answer the question asked by ManuelaOsorio, as I also want to know.

  9. Manuela Osorio says:

    What about females that have sex with other females? If there's any mutual contact of the secretions or blood (like a cut) wouldn't it then be possible?

  10. Jackies1979 says:

    The cause for HIV reaching epidemic rates in some populations and communities is probably anogenital stenosis ("tightness").

    Blacks have a slim vaginal shape variant that does not occur in other ethnicities (the 'pumpkin seed shape') and a considerably narrower vaginal entry (3.14 or — data ambiguous — 3.73 cm diameter in Blacks, 4.66 cm in Whites). The mean penile caliber is about 4 cm.

    About 12-59% of men who have sex with men have an anus that is slightly too tight for comfortable intercourse. So all the high-risk groups for sexual transmission might have exactly the same problem that nobody has recognized so far…

    Regular dilation or intercourse might help or solve that problem so that HIV could be eradicated globally soon.

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