How it's made – Newspapers

Wednesday, July 17, 2019


  1. daklover extroidinaire says:

    this reminds me of working at the jersey journal in jersey city doing just what those people were doing this was fun and at 20.70 /hr with an hour 11/2 x for lunch oh man it was great in the 80's we would all be flying paper airplanes around at each others heads hahaahaahh coffee farts and cigar smoke filled the air talk about funnnn

  2. Christopher Anderson says:

    Does anyone buy news paper? How do they pay for all that equipment

  3. Magdalen Cook says:

    A newspaper is a periodical publication containing written information about current events and is often typed in black ink with a white or gray background. Nice

  4. M J says:

    Newspapers are obsolete nowadays, why read something that is hours out of date, when you can get instant news on your device or phone with live as it happens video too, waste of trees in my view.

  5. JiZz2Xtreme says:

    "Trusted to deliver unbiased reporting"
    lol.. that's a laugh.. it's more like propaganda and brainwashing

  6. Hussain taha 123 says:


  7. Bryn K says:

    Creative folks are always been welcomed to this very field to create difference…
    One of the biggest mistake in this very field is that of having a mindset of earning more from less
    instead having a mindset of giving more and accurate(99.999%~100%) info from less


  8. Justin says:

    Damn bruh how about an update on this technology

  9. Asi Madikizela says:


  10. Sonicanth says:

    Why does the first song sound like a genesis song? Does anyone know what that song is?

  11. HyborianAge says:


  12. Kenton says:

    I work at a printing company, and I love when the press breaks down or the web breaks lol cause it gives me a break but I’m only a jogger

  13. Notthepsychic You'relookingfor says:

    identify anyone who can read and write any of the languages my papers, the augustines, or the jesuits print in and i'll pay for their subscriptions as long as i'm in this closet. if they read and write any language send them mine and the jesuit emoji papers

  14. MineCVid MCPE says:

    How it's made – newspaper (1996

  15. kelly berry says:

    I once wrote for my class newspaper we gave out free and my first assignment was intresting I had to interview a new Gym teacher During the interview everything was fine till I reach the question where were u born? I looked at him weirdly when he said Frankfurt Germany, I had no Knowledge of countries around the world So Iguess I was looking at him like he said he was from Mars. He laughs loudly and said Whats that look for mister? Im so stunned that Irecorded that on tape I didnt know it had I was using cassette tapesfor my interview and as forprinting we did things b hand cause we didnt have a printing press or anything just a really old computer from the early 1980's or early 1970's still it was nice to try it

  16. savage t Aesthetic Knight says:

    You don't do the news. So don't even trip.

  17. RetiredAnimator1994 says:

    Le Journal de Montréal!

  18. don dada M says:

    lol those sentences at the end

  19. Ross the Chihuahua says:

    I'm an elementary schooler, and my school makes no newspapers, and my middle and high school won't either, so I'm trying to make a newspaper for the class, but apparently my parents wouldn't allow me, and idk how I can print all of the papers without using too much ink. What should I do?

  20. dʒeɪms says:

    Wow those conveyor belts look nuts

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