How Marlboro Changed Advertising Forever

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sell an identity, not a product.

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A Marlboro Man Story

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  1. jmbu01 says:

    Haha, when you stopped typing nerdwriter to type in your name 😛

  2. Vladimir _ says:

    anyone watching this while smoking??

  3. cellular reviews says:

    There's quantity of life, then there's quality of life. Sure, smoking may not give cancer or kill everyone, but I'd rather not live my older years hooked up to an oxygen tank. At that point, life would not be worth living. But, to each their own.

  4. Dream Team says:

    It also charged my lungs forever.

  5. Jonathan Victorica says:

    This shit made me want a cigarette

  6. ashutosh diwan says:

    what's the background music?

  7. Julius Vesalainen says: Desperate need for money, any deposit would help! 🙁 goes to good use.

  8. Boat Axe says:

    Last time I saw the Marlboro Man he was being run out of town on the back of Joe Camel.

  9. plople says:

    Thanks for the links. i'll be using some of this research for an essay <3

  10. AmaraJordan says:

    I'm sure you've realized by now, but the red font was a weakness of the video. It was also kind of small. So not only was it hard to determine the outline of the letters bc of the color, but it was hard to make out Because of the size. A different color or the font on a block as a field to differentiate it (how most subtitles are in a rectangle of a certain off-setting color) would work. A bolder font or a larger font. Again, I'm pretty sure you have learned this lesson, but I just wanted to post in case you hadn't. Your videos are so so so good that little things like that make me sad; it tarnished a bit. Some of your videos feel perfect (I can't think of anything I'd change, and I'm a perfectionist and a writer, so that's saying something), so little things like that just feel unfortunate. Never stop posting!

  11. Emilio Sánchez Rdz says:

    Thats the difference between you and me, as a company I buy products.
    As a consumer you buy feelings

  12. Okay So says:

    Is Ayan Rand still toted around as a philosophy subject? Only time I've seen worth while discussion on Ayan Rand is when we''re talking about examples of fantasized narratives used as a method of reality and the sociological/financial dangers of following an author's idea of human nature and happiness.

    Just noticed that Ayan Rand book wedged in that shelf there at the end.

  13. Javion Zeiglerr says:

    This video looks like a good advertisement

  14. Cody Jackson says:

    I hate cancer sticka i smoke weed and weed only nothing else

  15. TKF legendary says:

    Who else became a everyday smoker after this?

  16. IM Conscious says:

    Smoked 2yrs straight started vaping 2 months haven't thought of it since #VapeNation??

  17. TheBestPlayerDead says:

    Fuck Cigarettes! 420 Blaze it Bitch!

  18. xGooner L01 says:

    Don't smoke cigarettes, smoke weed

  19. Joel Hardy says:

    Lmao when u said they changed sexes and the bruce j transformed

  20. Anastasia Siyankovsky says:


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