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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

YAY! Our new feature called ‘Articles’ is live! This new feature allows our community to write poems, blogs, stories, fan fiction, essays, opinion pieces, tutorials and anything you can imagine beyond. You can furthermore read everything shared by your community and Heart pieces written by other users to your canvas.

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Using articles in English can be difficult. There is the indefinite article: a/an, the definite article: the, and also the option to use no article at all.
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  1. Lucy Grainger says:

    How to I write an article on we heart it like do I have to have a laptop

  2. Romaissa Romi says:

    But why I can't access to write an article . Should I use a laptop ?! Cuz I've tried with my phone ?!

  3. armyy taetae says:

    We want a video of how to delete a picture

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