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Thursday, October 10, 2019

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  1. Ŷöøñ Køøk says:

    Middle school annotating is hard asf 😔

  2. Nubia Serna says:

    I love this vid it really helped me and loved what you said about how annotating helps you around 1:25 and yep ALL MY CLASSES ARE HONORS/AP SO YESSSSS!!!!!!!!

  3. Erik W says:

    Do you read the chapter before annotating or do you annotate while reading?

  4. Logan Loney says:

    bitch boy

  5. Naima Flo says:

    Love it

  6. Kayden Gray says:

    school got me depressed

  7. WhyNotBeWeird says:

    This helped so much, thank you
    I never know how to start annotating a book and this just made it all seem like it would be fun and organized. I thought it would be tiring and messy

  8. HerbaLion says:

    OCCC sent me here and this video was great! thank you!

  9. Diana Kuzukyan says:

    How do you know what to highlight?

  10. Uranium Soda says:

    Holy crap your annotations are insane!

  11. innitforthemoney says:

    I'm taking AP lit next year.

  12. Crazy Fangirl_right? says:

    The book worm in me seeing highlights in books makes me want to scream ;-;

  13. Yaritza Jimenez says:

    This is an older video but I’m a second year college student and I just wanted to say thank you, this video helped me in 11&12th grade with AP Lang/Lit, and got some college credits because I passed both exams. I still use this in college, best system yet!

  14. Alice Potter says:

    Ur so lucky that you get to read the secret history, it’s one of my favourite books!!!

  15. Reese H. says:

    Ahh I'm in AP seminar and we can't highlight just handwritten note on the page Help😩

  16. Funky Monkey says:

    Thank you for making this video! I am just entering high school and I know that my English teachers will expect me to annotate, but I am always completely lost on how to do it since no one has explicitly taught me how, they have just expected me to do it. I usually make marks on what is important, what is surprising/shocking, connections (still a little confused but working on it), things I like/find amusing, questions. unknown words, and just some of my thoughts while reading. Despite this, I always feel like I am doing it completely wrong. I feel like I literally have to analyze everything, which is confusing and stresses me out honestly. Finding all of the symbolism and literary devices is also really challenging to me. Does anyone have any input or advice on this?

    -A confused annotator

  17. William Official YT says:

    Thank you. I procrastinated on my summer assignments, and now I might not fail them.

  18. Armando Gómez says:

    Wow, you really don't miss a single word of a book, do you?

  19. The Absolutely Guy says:

    In my opinion, annotating actually distracts me from the story. It makes me feel like I’m only reading to annotate or complete an assignment instead of reading to understand the characters and themes.

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