How to Answer Behavior Based Project Manager Interview Questions

Monday, November 16, 2015

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Not surprisingly, we’ve spent a lot of time at Asana working to maximize our efficiency and effectiveness, so I made a video about how we use Asana at Asana. We hope some of these tips are helpful to you in managing your own projects.
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  1. Project Manager Job Interview Questions and Answers says:

    Thank you very intriguing. This this is excellent information or young executives or project managers. :)

  2. Alex Slocum says:

    File organization should be addressed, no easy way to navigate to files like Sharepoint or DropBox

  3. jwojewidka says:

    It would really have helped if you guys showed each of the screens in context, not in isolation.

  4. Joey Garcia says:

    Can you create a Project within a Project?  So could you create a RoadMap Project that has a bunch of sub-projects (sprints) and each sprint project has all the tasks?  This way you can keep everything tied together???

  5. Cesar Lopez says:

    Im have been working the implementing asana in my company , we are around 45 people  and  we love it , but we are from mexico and must of us dont speack english will be great to have captions of the tutorials in spanish so you can reach the other  440 million users

  6. Phelton Phive says:

    so basically you have to create a project for rodmap/backlog, another project for sprint planing and then each sprint constitute an asana project to break it down? sounds ok, but the problem is there is not link between those three and you have to follow everything to make sure all those elements are in sync!

  7. Kiryll Kulakowski says:

    @jaytoddmartin +1

  8. chuckles247 says:

    Asana Team! It's awesome, but my tasks have dependancies…How soon can you get an multiple user approval process/tracker developed??!!! A simple red/yellow/green or the like… Hurry please!!

  9. Chris Zweber says:

    I love asana

  10. Jay Martin says:

    Where do you keep the "Sprints" lists? Do you set each Sprint list up as a new project?

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