Saturday, December 30, 2017

This video demonstrates how to make an archive of all information contained within an article. I made this video using only ScreenFlow, because I was too lazy to use an actual piece of editing software.

1. Take a screenshot of the entire article.
This is to keep a copy of the article in it’s original form, with all detail and formatting. This can be done using browser extensions.

2. Paste a link of the article onto
This is to remove the content of the article from it’s original format so it can be archived, this is especially important if an archival website isn’t caching the content from the website for whatever reason.

3. Archive the article using
This is to maintain evidence behind the screenshot. So the existence of content within the screenshot can be verified using the archive link. You can also use a different archival website if you choose to.

4. Put the archive URL into the screenshot & save.
That this point you should an image detailing the entire article and evidence of it’s existence. You can now upload the image to one or more image sharing sites (such as imgur, and imgbb) and share the link(s).
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How To Use The Wayback Machine To Restore Archived Content

If you purchased an expired domain name and would like to archive content, this video will show you the basics of storing old content.

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