how to become a popular columnist

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

how to become a popular columnist

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Yasir Pirzada is a renown columnist. His Urdu column appears in “Daily Jang” & English column publish in Daily “the news “”. In his this talk he has provided guidelines for the young aspirants of becoming a columnist.
The guidelines will not only help the youngsters to develop writing skills but also help them to reach their desired newspaper where they want to publish articles.

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  1. Nasir Mehmood says:

    hi sir i also want to write an article your guidlines are good

  2. NEWS POSTMORTEM channel says:

    👍👍👍👍👍👍سر آپ نے جس خوبصورتی سے سمندر کو کوزے میں بند کیا ہے زبردست اللہ اپکو سلامت رکھے۔

  3. Siyaah.O.Sufaid 2550 says:

    Sir me ny Thora boht likha hai

  4. Siyaah.O.Sufaid 2550 says:

    Salam sir

  5. Hamza Awan says:

    Sir m akhbrt m aksr dkhta hn k zyada seyasi monu py colmn lkhy jty sir mera intrst kch alg jo k seyst sy blkul door hy .. Tu kya m apny intrst sy grow kr skta hn ??

  6. Sayyed Quadri says:

    مارے گھٹنا پھو ٹے سر- آپکی گفتگو سے لوگ مطمئن نہی ہو پا رہےہیں جب لوگوں کو مطالعے کا صحیح طریقہ ہی نہی معلوم تو وہ کیا لیٹریچر پزھینگے میں نے ایسے ایسے لوگوں کو بھی دیکھا ہے کہ وہ دن دن بھر اخبار پڑھتے ہیں لیکن وہ ایک پیج بھی نہی لکھ سکتے ہیں اس لئے بہتر ہے کہ انہیں پہلے مطالعے کا صحیح طریقہ سیکھایا جائے

  7. Naila Rana says:

    The line said by Ishfaq Sir is…. just a cick…😊

  8. shumaila_ farhan090 says:

    Thanks sir

  9. Hafiz Shakeel says:

    sir i appeared in CSS examination in 2019….sir, I have written two articles in English and want to excel in this field and i am also consistent in this work. I want to publish my articles in any English newspaper. Respected sir, guide me about how is it possible? I want to send you these articles in order to check the quality, coherence and articulation etc. how can i send you these articles?

  10. kashif ali says:

    Baate km kaam ki baat ziyada kya kre video mai

  11. Best Poetry A to Z says:

    Thank You

  12. Naveed Iqbal says:

    plz tell me sir

  13. Naveed Iqbal says:

    sir which is the best letrature book??

  14. ali shah says:

    Javed Chaudhry , Yasir Pirzada, Gul e Nokhaiz and F.S. Aijaz ud Din are my favorite writers/columnists.

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