How to clone a Hard Drive or SSD

Monday, August 14, 2017

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  1. TheMasters Re says:

    If you guys dont have the money or you just literally dont want to spend money here is the aplicattion from mega. There is also a instruction txt file inside the download folder.!M9F0GaJa!2AjsKiuo-cioAsBpVnQTjleHvofTjBBPtmhFZZFCsx8

  2. Brooklyn Smith says:

    jay how do i clone my ssd evo to my new 960 evo mve m.2

  3. ionut acodrinesei says:

    Hi Jay,
    Nice and usefull video.
    I have one normal drive witch is damaged and i want to make clone to an SSD, but my old drive doesn't open the windows.
    How do i suppose to make the clone?
    Thank you for your reply.

  4. Stefan Novak says:

    Hey, can you do this with Windows 8.1 on different hardware? Say I'm upgrading PC today, new mobo and cpu (Ryzen) and want to move Windows to my SSD. I read that there are issues doing a reinstall of Windows 8.1 on new hardware using the same product key. Thanks

  5. skratch it says:

    screen cap guest os doing migration

  6. Cottontails says:

    Guess Acronis decided to make you pay for a subscription to clone a fucking hard drive.

  7. daniel quagliaroli says:

    does transferring data from a hard drive data work if you have a hard drive that already has data in it.

  8. Justin evenson says:

    learned not one thing on how to get my windows 10 to my m.2 wow jayz video was awful back then

  9. Justin evenson says:

    Jay of all ppl you should of know that all people aren't gonna that running program so now I'm in same spot as I was when I looked at everyone's else's video I now have nvme m.2 or whatever and can't get window switched

  10. Andrew Noonan says:

    will the cloned windows 10 have to be re-activated after migration?

  11. ToucanTV says:

    Does this also clone the OS? Like if I was to clone my HDD and everything on it. Then I cloned that into a SSD and removed the old HDD would windows boot normally and load everything that was on my old HDD including the OS?

  12. Dennis Devine says:

    Does that work the same to clone a C: boot drive?

  13. Giant Asian Sticker says:

    i downloaded gta 5 on my 150gb hdd XDD i need a 1tb hdd thanks for this video even though its like 3 years old 🙂

  14. L3GIT G4MER says:

    Didn't know you worked at iTea… I love iTea

  15. Frederick Dunn says:

    I have a Dell XPS 8700 series running Windows 7 64 bit. I tried everything here and received a message that stated "This Drive Cannot Be Cloned"… the original C-Drive is a hybrid with SATA and SSD combined. Is there a method I can use to clone this C-Drive? Thanks for the excellent video, just didn't work for me.

  16. Starkill445 says:

    Is there a way to clone a hard drive but not the os files or any driver files.

  17. Aniket Sakpal says:

    256gb ssd enough for cloning the OS?

  18. J25_games says:

    he has the same fucking shirt

  19. Imo Efraimo says:

    Too much talking

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