How to cook BROWN RICE | Guru Mann | Health & Fitness

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

How to cook BROWN RICE | Guru Mann | Health & Fitness

How to cook BROWN RICE? learn easy way by fitness expert Guru Mann.
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  1. Aryan Arora says:

    What about chicken drumsticks?

  2. Abbas Ali says:


  3. priyank goud says:

    I've unsubscribed Tarun mc.
    feeling good I don't have to see that chutiya.
    guru paaji you rock.

  4. Siddhesh RC says:

    sir plss make a vdo on Tennis Elbow…. its cause n cure…

  5. shikhar rayat says:

    bhai mudde pe jaldi aaya karo

  6. My Subscribers says:


  7. Nash says:

    the last time i tried cooking brown rice… it looked like some kinda glue!! ;-)

  8. TheMdsami33 says:

    I stopped watching your cooking video coz of this cup confusion.. Finally u made clear about cup measurements…. thanks Sir u r great…

  9. Sulaiman says:

    Thank you Mann bhaiya , I always wanted to know how to cook brown rice . Yes 😀 ???

  10. Deepika Dabas says:

    Sir nice video sir can u please tell us about quinoa

  11. aesthetics motivation says:

    Watch out my channel for bulk meals!

  12. Musc Madness says:

    To make money guru mann is doing anything

  13. Anil Kumar says:

    take care bhai

  14. kolkata street foods says:

    hame bataye ki fat loss ke liye hm muscle mode programme follow kare ya muscular 8 programme follow kare.

  15. Avijit Sah says:

    Ek mutthi brown rice upar se ek chatak aur.Indian measurement

  16. abdul raqeeb says:

    Sir,after following you, I changed my diet completely.I am making my food a part from my family members.But I am not doing workout just because of less time.It's a humble request for you to make a video on acne problems. I am having acne from past 2 years.I am 17 now

  17. vinod kamboj says:

    how much gram oats in one cup????

  18. sunny bhandari says:

    250 gm cooked brown rice mai kitni calorie hoti hai?

  19. shrikant vyas says:

    thanks sir

  20. maxy1337 says:

    Video starts at 6:08

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