How to create biography page in wikipedia [100% details & best]

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

How to create biography page in wikipedia [100% details & best]

How to create bio page in wikipedia [details & best]
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In this video i will show you how to create an article specially a bio page in wikipedia. You may find this is long video but trust me this is the only detail video for biography

template (bio)-
upload photo-

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any template

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  1. Uby H says:

    Bhai Indian Ho na Hindi boldo
    Tumhari English bohotttttt buri hai


    Teri maa ke chode angrej


    Angrej ke bachha

  4. Shree Ullu says:

    bro can i join your school.. pleaseeeeeee

  5. shahbaz hussain says:

    urdu/hindi mein bolo be kaar video kuch samj nahi aya kya keh rahe ho

  6. Adipto karmakar says:

    How do I attach prove for celebraty!!!

  7. Young Invent says:

    Rather just pay you to do it for my artist. Please connect me here or via younginventbooking at gmail

  8. S I D H A N T says:

    check out your gmail .its urgent

  9. Mr Perfect says:

    please try to make a urdu/hindi /bangla tutorial ur english is not clear and i am not able to understand

  10. Alka Mishra says:

    I created an account but i am not able to view you may create page link

  11. Messi_500th says:

    i hate indian accent FUCK

  12. UnSnagable says:

    My left ear really enjoyed this video

  13. ANKIT SINGH says:

    bose dk hindi bolne mein shram aa rahi hai… kuch bhi english chhood raha hai……

  14. Govind Bhoya says:


  15. Awanija Sharma says:

    Will Wikipedia allow us to create page for our website if it becomes popular? Thanks for the video.

  16. SHADI ALZOUBI says:

    Should I edit my own articles or other people's articles to reach 10 edits to get my account verified?

  17. Lucky Boy says:

    Hindi bolna gadhe

  18. Bimalendu Samanta says:

    How to move my article from draft to main page

  19. Bimalendu Samanta says:

    Bhaskar bhai am just created a page with full of ur support and successfully submitted to draft section what to do now ??

  20. Good New says:


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