How to create wikipedia page | How to write a Wikipedia Article

Friday, March 22, 2019

How to create wikipedia page, How to Make a Wikipedia Page. How To Create Wikipedia BackLinks, How to create a user account on Wikipedia, How to make a Wikipedia Article.
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  1. Raunak Rai says:

    This page does not exist on Wikipedia

  2. Hypertech Innovations says:

    anyone here helping with wiki edits

  3. karim shukri says:

    Awsome video there..really loved it.and the theme song to..
    Kudoos to you…..

  4. Joe Boudreault says:

    No help at all. How does the page get published?

  5. WAVE OUR FLAG says:

    Nice display – but probably about 200% more effective if you would SLOOOW DOOOWn… Too fast, way too fast, then again, I could enjoy listening to late Baroque music (if it was half the volume).

  6. مبادرة ض DADD-INITIATIVE e.V. says:

    Thanks for sharing. Would you please tell me about the software you used to create the video and if it is open sourced? I'm interested mostly in the accelaration procedure.

  7. Oscar Wong 16 says:

    chinga a tu madre wikipedia

  8. Henry digskills says:

    You missed two important caveat:

    You must be left-wing and hate western culture. Now now get started!

  9. Ajay Banner says:

    good work

  10. preet syaan says:

    sir m ac bna deo plz

  11. Sanjida Rojly says:

    It is not working as it is showing.

  12. SpanTagLish says:

    บริษัท เออาร์เค บางกอก เอ็ดดูเคชั่นนอล รีฃอร์ส เเอนด์ มินนสทรี เฃ็นเตอร์ จํากัด

  13. scwt89 says:

    How to plagiarize

  14. ChrisVerwirklicht says:

    the music makes me want to kill myself.

  15. Galactipod says:

    That's some nice copy-pasting

  16. john ankara says:


  17. Ajay Banner says:


  18. Ilijas Jahic says:

    Can I get punishment of Wikpedia if I post something about me ? If I post my Biography..

  19. Politics and Tea says:

    Clear tutorial, but what's with the obnoxious Music?

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