How to Get Government Daycare Assistance

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Trying to find affordable and reliable care for your children while you are working is one of the biggest challenges you will face as a single mother.  Unless your children are already of high school age and can be trusted to be left alone after school, one of the biggest out of pocket expenses you will face as a single mother is child care and after school care or daycare. 

What’s worse is that, even if you could afford to send your child to daycare, most of the best daycare centers and preschools have waiting lists that are years long!  Unless you are lucky enough to have family or friends who are available to and willing to baby sit for you for free, finding the money to pay for daycare is going to be a challenge.  Thankfully there is government daycare assistance for single moms.  Here is how to find single mothers government assistance for daycare.

The first place you should look for government day care assistance for single moms is your employer.  Larger companies will often provide child care to employees or be part of a building co-op that offers low cost child care to those who work in the building.  Even better, there are many government programs that offer grants to companies and businesses that offer affordable childcare to employees or that provide their employees with financial assistance to help make daycare more affordable.  Ask your manager or supervisor if the company can offer you any assistance in finding affordable childcare.

The churches in your neighborhood (or near where you work) might also be able to provide you with some assistance.  Churches are another type of organization that gets grants to help provide affordable health care to those who need it.  If you are seeking government daycare assistance for single moms, you should ask your pastor or call your local church for advice.  Even if that church does not have daycare facilities on site, they might be able to refer you to someone that you can afford!

Your town’s social services office is another place to go if you are in need of help finding affordable day care and you are single mothers.  Government assistance for daycare is available and social workers are experts on the subject!  A social worker will know which daycare facilities in your area are the most affordable and know which programs offer government daycare assistance for single moms. 

Finally, the government websites (.gov) of your town and state will have information on government daycare assistance for single moms.  The federal government is also very interested in helping single mothers.  Government assistance for daycare information can be found by doing a search for information on just about any .gov website.  The most relevant information for you, however, will most likely be found on your local .gov websites. 

There is help available if you are looking for government daycare assistance for single moms.  In our country, we revere single mothers. Government assistance for daycare is just one way that we show it.

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