How To Invest With NO MONEY Down: Turn $0 Into Infinite Returns -Robert Kiyosaki (Millennial Money)

Sunday, October 13, 2019

There are two different ways to get rich. One route is to utilize your own cash. The other path is to utilize Other People’s Money, or as we call it at Rich Dad, OPM. One (utilizing your own cash) gives little to-humble returns, sets aside a long effort to work out, and requires some financial intelligence. The other (OPM) gives huge to-infinite returns, creates amazing velocity of cash, and requires a high financial intelligence.

Be diligent. Continue to increase your financial education. Work hard. And master the fundamentals of good debt and OPM, and you WILL become wealthy.

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  1. The Rich Dad Channel says:

    When it comes to investing, would you prefer to use your money or Other People's Money?

  2. Sosha says:

    Damn you Stanley!!

  3. B Roli says:

    Rich dad never existed. Its fake

  4. darko gosak says:

    full of bullshit!! he borrowed $200k to invest and then he claimed that he started with money🤯 he is a bad speaker… watching 5 min… joust bullshit

  5. Admiral Jason Baily says:

    Another video where is talks alot and says nothing…

  6. Sugar Daddy says:

    waste of time, didn't even share the trick. Just ask around and raise one

  7. Greg S says:

    Title is misleading

  8. Melissa Lucia Garcia says:

    I have $0 what can i do?? I like this guy but just not saying "I cant afford it" won't solve my problems

  9. Giuseppe Tarril says:

    This girl would do anything to keep her job

  10. Jan Šebek says:

    How come that all these…financial people are so sketchy…he hired pretty dumb girl to please audience, got 1M views by saying what people want to hear and no solid information whatsoever. Purple logo for keeping it on brand because Google says purple evokes "money' in people. I am willing to learn but this sounds like rapist trying to seduce somebody in bar.

  11. Don Amende says:

    This guy never tells anything. It’s a big scam that all us LOSERS are looking for help. But for a book sale. Or a subscription. They’ll maybe tell you.

  12. Ken Musto says:

    A little help here….what is he saying??? OPM. Use Other People's Money. Sure, I'll find a rental unit and easily find an investor to put hundreds of thousands of dollars down payment and pay myself a few bucks every month. Oh, and I'll do about 50 of those deals – easy peasy. And oh, I'll have no fulfillment at all. I'll drop my life dreams and art and just sit back and roll in the dough. Here's my angle Mr. Soft Sell: My life is not rich with money. It's rich with family, friends, art, love, and doing what I enjoy doing every day. That said, what is this man selling — a book? Get rich quick books only get one person rich, and it's not you…it's the author of the book. These are scams disguised in dreams.

  13. Mohammad Alauddin says:

    I want that book just mail me the information on secupixhacker@gmail. Com

  14. Gabe Wilhart says:

    "I'm scared of failing"?

  15. Lei Gee says:

    I've seen a lot of famous people wearing the same red bracelet he's wearing. Just curious 'coz someone told it's kind of a good luck bracelet. 🤔

  16. Matthew Campbell says:

    not "I can't afford it" but rather "What should I do in order to afford it?"

  17. John Hudson says:

    This clip didn't answer the clickbait question of how do you invest when your broke. He never answered, instead he just say I must be lazy not to know.

  18. MrChallenger76 says:

    Irritating interruptions !!! Shut Up and let the man speak !!! 😡😡😡

  19. Tresha Hill says:

    I think he is trying to say it in different ways because people are not comprehending it just sounds like he is saying the same thing…his giving different examples but it all leads back to creating assets…we all grew up thinking working for money was the way to do things that's why majority of us are in this rat race don't judge be open minded

  20. Dimitris Filandrianos says:

    Moooneeyyyy cometh to me now! Hahaha

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