How to Make a Wikipedia Page

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


  1. PatrickPl4yZ says:


  2. Justin Don says:

    just became an official artist channel today (on youtube)… why stop here!

  3. saptrainingandcertifications kumar says:


  4. Vishal Sangale says:

    Congrats for 100k

  5. Amir Lee Glover says:

    thank you #thiswillbemyfame

  6. Tripti Rajput says:

    Can i make wiki pedia page for my company

  7. Rachel Sundancehorse says:

    Hello I really like this video, I will try. but may I have a question? I am trying to create a new wikipedia page about a movie in Japanese, but a page in Korea about this movie has been created on wikipedia. so may I disregard it to create a new page in Japanese? or should I create my Japanese page based on that Korean page? sincerely hope someone can help me! thanks

  8. sreesh Malaviya says:

    Can I make my own page 📄

  9. Michael Nicholson says:

    This helped me a lot thank you and thank God Almighty

  10. Tim Wrzel says:

    I will use this to make pages of my friends lmao

  11. JJRyzer says:

    thx, now i can finally make a wiki for my favorite youtuber callmecarson

  12. Orayan Pax says:

    Very useful, Thanks! 😀

  13. Muhduj Kiru says:

    I love this.. Thumbs up

  14. MAAZ ASHRAF says:

    thanks 😃

  15. anish kumar says:


  16. My Opinion says:

    Is there any way to make money off creating articles?

  17. miR Rap says:

    awesome potato

  18. JackOSans says:

    1,000th subscriber

  19. Sabyasachi Mukherjee says:

    Very useful!

  20. VAN MAFGODT says:

    How can i create table biography ?

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