How to make english newspaper

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

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  1. Sonia Hans says:

    How do we make our own newspaper with a-4-size sheets

  2. Aditya Pahuja says:

    Which paper have u used? Please tell!! As in which sheet u have used?

  3. craft with Aditi Rathi says:


  4. Harpal Singh says:

    from where we get this sheet reply

  5. Harmeet Kaur says:

    Which pens u use

  6. Kross Kross says:

    Whose sheet use in news paper

  7. alben alex says:


  8. Kuldeep Singh says:

    Thank you

  9. Shivansh Garments says:

    Worst newespaper

  10. Urmil Bansal says:

    How to join pages please tell me

  11. Poonch youth and Intellectual's Forum J&k says:


  12. Paras Sehgal says:


  13. Nashra Fatema says:

    Nice newspaper

  14. Mukul Kumar Verma says:

    tell what I make for our help

  15. Mukul Kumar Verma says:

    tell what I make for our help

  16. Rekha Arya says:

    Thank you but if you make another video plzz do something interesting 😶😶

  17. vijay joshi says:

    You not show how to make

  18. Fabulous 13y says:

    Then where are letter to the editor

  19. Movies World says:

    Plz tell me through cardsheet did u made it or through computer paper

  20. beyblade burst says:


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