How to make paper butterflies with magazines – super easy

Thursday, December 22, 2016

How to make paper butterflies with magazines - super easy

These butterflies are super easy to make and great for room decoration. Make sure to look for bright colored pages with less text. Take smaller rectangles to make smaller butterflies. Please subscribe comment, like and share if you like this video. Thanks for watching!!
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  1. Sa Rotkop says:

    Wish I could add a shortcut of your site on my home screen!
    You're bringing joy to a Winter day !

  2. Caline Gulgultofor says:

    nice and easy

  3. binay kumar says:

    its awesum

  4. Pasupuredi Satyanarayana says:

    very good and nice work

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  6. Maria del Carmen Roman says:

    facil y hermsa… GRACIAS

  7. Hummer Klein says:

    gorgeous for sure . love ot .

  8. tania zeas says:

    It's a very nice video & so easy. Wonderful. Thank you very much. I gonna try it now.

  9. ash40248 says:

    How very talented you are! Thank you!

  10. sravani boorgula says:

    it is tooooooo good.I had learned it thanku

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  12. Kishma Lovely21 G says:

    Love love love it

  13. Ramya Loganathan says:

    i love it super

  14. Pooja Sahu says:

    Nice very ji

  15. jv Villanueva says:

    thankyou so much for sharing ur vedio its so easy i can't try and icant do it ' Loveit

  16. Maya Bonik says:

    wow!so easy.thanks

  17. Aida Martinez says:

    Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing.

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