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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Supermarket tomatoes account for nearly 10% of produce sales in the U.S., but they taste terrible. What can be done to make them great again? Read more at
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A huge thanks to the tomato researchers Harry Klee and Jim Giovannoni who helped us with this episode’s science. You can learn more about their work in the description below, too. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe and share.

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  1. CsendPenge says:

    Wow….so many stupidity in one pile.

    The mentioned problem is TRUE, but the mentioned reasons behind the problem are not. Why?

    1. ethylene is a gas, not a hormone.

    2. Ripening is not just simple gas driven change, but the accumulation of many materials like: vitamin, minerals, and other (what I can't translate now, our body needs so many material to work properly)

    3. Chloroplasts are not a gene. but organelles in plant cells (mentioned true), and parts in the photoshyntesis (also true), but the plants energy transfer system (ATP) won't work without many other materials (like phosphorus). And it won't produce sugar, nor any other carbohydrate. Well, the plants can produce many type of carbohydrate, but it is much more complicated as it is described here (and need much-much more substance than energy, or chloroplasts)

    4. You or anyone can't solve the main problem (what is basicly is the quality starving if I translated it correctly) with this video's conclusion, what is a simple stupidity and fake (don't put your tomatoes into the fridge won't increase tomato's vitamin/mineral level, it will only result softer tomatoes).

    May I recommend you to search on google? Like quality starving, what means someone has enough food to feel sated/bellyfull, but the eated food hasn't enough vitamin, minerals to her/his body. It is because the nutrient supply problems in agriculture, but it is a theme what I can't translate into english, because it is so special.

  2. johnibambohni says:

    whoa!! ? i did not know that florida is that big!! 2:50

  3. Athrun000 says:

    I love GMOs!

  4. Yurikan says:

    Given the condition of most supermarket tomatoes, I think the vast majority of people buying them do so just to bulk up a sandwich or meal rather than add flavor. Heritage tomatoes grown in some decently sized planters have worked out the best for me, though given how ugly they look I'm not surprised they wouldn't sell them grown in a super market next to the genetically perfected polished red splendor of the flavorless chaff. XD

  5. sheharyar husham says:

    It's 5 am what am I doing?

  6. intigfx says:

    There's a project in the University of Florida to make commercial tomatoes taste great. You can even donate to it and they'll send you seeds so you can grow them at home.
    Check it out:

  7. Cuajomen says:

    Make tomatoes great agan

  8. Pal Dali says:

    Pro tip:
    Grow your own!
    They're Stupid easy and 1 plant will give you MORE than enough tomatoes!
    Pro tips to grow your own:
    1) compost! Mix compost with your soil, plants dig that shit!
    2) when you're starting to see fruit on your plants, crush and grind up some egg shells and put them along side the roots (dig a small hole, carefully so that you don't disturb the roots and pour the egg shell dust beside them and water). The calcium from the egg shell will make your tomatoes Very Sweet and less tart!
    3) water and weed. Water every other day and pull out the weeds.

    Enjoy Awesome and Huge tomatoes!

  9. squattingheads says:

    SKIP to 3:55
    After a long and boring explanation, the only tipp is to not refrigerate the tomatoes

  10. Stefan Nikola says:

    The letter H in "heirloom" is silent.

  11. AhpgZfoc4s says:

    Needs more knifehand

  12. YASH says:

    just ignore the gmo haters and give us the gmo tomatoes. i want to eat delicious super-tomatoes.

  13. To Chin Yu says:

    human tomato testers… hmmm

  14. sirati97 says:

    tomatoes need to be hard! (but also tasteful)

  15. Dank Nugs says:

    We should just GMO them. Theres literally no scientific evidence that shows GMO technology with harmful side effects. All the fear is pure speculation the public makes on a science that they literally know nothing about.

  16. Kawitamamayi says:

    Just give us the GMO variety!

  17. Ben Russell says:

    Bring on the delicious GMO tomatoes. This consumer isn't worried.

  18. Smerlin says:

    #MakeTomatoesGreatAgain We got to build a farm, it's going to be 'UGE beautiful wall and we're going to make mexico farm it.

  19. Brayden Haines says:

    How to Make Tomatoes Taste Great!:
    Acquire Tomato of any variety
    Slice into quarters
    Add a light sprinkling of salt and pepper

    And there you have it!

  20. Edward Adams says:

    3:42 "But growers can still use slower, old-school cross-breeding methods to create a tomato with more desirable genes."

    …which unlike molecular GMO involves chemical and radioactive mutagens with no food safety testing? No thanks, gimme a frankentomato.

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