How To Offer article writing On Fiverr Without Being A writer

Monday, November 20, 2017
You can start offering article writing services on Fiverr without being a good article writer, the strategy is called Fiverr Arbitrage, it’s a system where you buy cheap services from other platforms and sell it at a higher price in Fiverr.

you need to have basic capital of 10$ minimum you can use to pay for services before you list on Fiverr so whenever anybody pays for a gig you are offering in Fiverr you can pay for the gig and offer it to the buyer in Fiverr.

First, you need to search for articles gig people are buying and model it in your gig with more services than what others are offering on Fiverr for instance if somebody writes 300 words for 5$ try to offer 400 words for 5$ at the same price and deliver faster.

you can get good article writer from 1$ at first create an account there and place jobs of what your Fiverr buyer needs and wait for content writers to bid for it, go through their profile and ask questions based on what your Fiverr buyer needs and lastly add additional day from when the content developers will deliver the service, if the article writer writes 500 words article in 1 days offer it for 2 days in Fiverr should in case the writer don’t meet up time

You can also get cheap and good article writers from seoclerks, and some other sites

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    hi, I am new in fiverr and get first message from customer for content writing in his website. he was asking me for templates to fill or details. so what are the basic details should i asked for writing content? and please give me template format for it.

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