How to pronounce the article THE – 3 rules| Accurate English

Saturday, September 21, 2019

How to pronounce the article THE - 3 rules| Accurate English

Learn how to pronounce the article THE. The and a vowel sound.
You will learn the three rules.

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  1. Chitra Sub says:

    thank you so very much
    here I don't think anyone knows about this

  2. KS PRADEEP says:

    Now you cleared my doubts of the pronunciation of the

  3. Hugh Jaanus says:

    @ 2:11 "Let's practice some se'ences"
    Then says "each sentence will have….."
    I saw another American video where she said "difficul" not difficult.
    I notice Americans say "fron" not front, even Trump does it.

  4. Dievas Saadi says:

    Oh, wow!
    This is actually news to me.
    I use them correctly, but I had no idea there was a rule

  5. S.F. Rana says:

    Thank you!👍

  6. Sealsss SF says:

    Where is the subtitle

  7. Udit singh D says:

    Thank you for this lesson.Mam

  8. PepperDayJack pac says:

    Bruh what are these rules?

  9. Jacqueline F'des says:

    Nice…thank you

  10. Shoumik Tibro says:


  11. Asha Vincent says:

    Quick question is this applicable across all accents? British vs American and Australian vs African?

  12. nikkitytom says:

    Excellent lesson. I'm surprised when I realize that this little trick is automatic for people speaking English as their mother tongue. And how confusing it must be for people learning English as a second language. Excellent explanation! 👍

  13. TheZANU67 says:

    don't stop, connect them, make sure say them as one unit

  14. Sarbjeet Kaur says:

    Thanks, very helpful

  15. Nirmal Kaur says:


  16. domilontano says:

    You can also use the "y" sound form of 'the', even before a consonant, if you want to really add some emphasis, and usually to indicate a unique or famous person or thing. Examples:
    "You're Juan Carlos? THE (theee) Juan Carlos?" This suggests that Juan Carlos is famous.
    "I went to THE party of the year!" This suggests that this party was so awesome, there will be no other like it this year. 😀
    (You can also use the 'uh' form, but it doesn't sound as strong.)

  17. abdul mannan says:

    Very much informative

  18. Jayanta Dutta says:

    Really very helpful and valuable video….

  19. Gino Ordoñez says:

    Thank you.😊

  20. Aditya Shinde says:

    (.) (.)

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