How to Read News Headlines and Improve Your English 📰 Learn with JenniferESL

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Learn standard punctuation:
Study English Grammar:

0:27 Model headlines
0:56 Five forms of language practice
2:47 The grammar used in headlines
6:20 Practice task
6:59 Using “headline” and “headlines”

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  1. Nicholas Williams says:

    7:00 A comma, please, next to the word “go”?

  2. Abhay shyam says:

    Love you ma'm

  3. Hoda Mostafa says:

    Wonderful… This has been of great help to me.. Million thanks

  4. Cabdiraxmaan Cadare says:

    I want to contact you, where I can get your address because Having English problem?

  5. Nawar Nawar says:

    Hi jennifer. When i was younger i was always wondering why they write like this, and what was always confusing me the most was omitting the verb to be.

  6. Abukar Abukar says:

    Thanks teacher very important lesson

  7. George towers says:

    @jenniferESL , good video , i found many english teacher ignore news explain ,it really help ESL student practice listening news skill ,maybe you can do the first one ,thank you

  8. Msabaha Malonda says:

    Your lesson is very useful to my daily task that's why I appreciated what You do always. THANKS

  9. Saleh m Balbhith says:

    Thanks my sister

  10. Saleh m Balbhith says:

    Very nice

  11. triveni 4c3 says:

    Thank you Jennifer

  12. Mourad Feddag says:

    Voice of america is great for intermediate level. To challenge one's self is appropriate. We can read and listen at the same time .

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  14. eric matamala says:

    thakfull for your jelp for ever

  15. jhon rohan says:

    the suggestions you made so wonderful

  16. Salim Alshati says:

    Some headlines are funny and deceptive , once a headline in a paper from Lebanon says '' Baghdad on Fire !, the full story is ,the weather in Baghdad is so hot that it exceeds '' 50 centigrade '

  17. さほり丸橋 says:

    I will be moving to Cambridge MA very soon with my family from Singapore. I was born in Japan and grew up for 33 years. I had lived in Cambridge for 2 years before we had a son and I learned a practical English in a language school. However, it wasn't enough time to say I have come to be fluent in English and I've kept learning it.  This moving would be more challenge and excited for all of us because it wouldn't be a temporary but long term for living there. I look forward to bumping into you in the town !! Thank you for updating very helpful lessons !

  18. junsuo shi says:

    The headline from ABC is :Alleged suspect captured in Tennessee deputy's killing. My vision is: The alleged suspect was captured in Tennessee deputy's killing.

  19. Ham Omar says:

    Thank you so much Miss Jennifer , I want to learn perfect english thats why i have asked you this

  20. Ham Omar says:

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