How to review a scholarly article for academic papers

Sunday, November 12, 2017

This video created for my students, shows you what to look for in a scholarly/academic article when writing a paper.. Be sure the article is relevant ! Pinterest page for graphic:
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Is This Article Scholarly


  1. LiveWellTV says:

    Thanks Dr. J. I hope I can find references that are as recent as you suggest however (I mentioned this via PM) it was very difficult in the last paper. Current references were 10 years young. :-). Most were much more dated. Thanks so much!

  2. Gregory Stringer says:

    This is helpful, not just for the current class, but for all papers. Thanks DrJ!

  3. Snozle says:

    I love purdue libraries

  4. Alex Coffey says:

    Yearly comment, not enjoying this.

  5. 2341william says:


  6. Jordan McMeow says:

    This certainly is not the highlight of my evening

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