How To Revise For A Level Psychology New Spec (A* Student Advice)

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A detailed video explaining the AQA psychology specification as well as an effective revision A* students have been using. You can download model essay answers for all the possible questions I mention here: –

Full article on Loopa is here:

Direct links to resources are here:

Paper 1 (AS and A level) is here:

Paper 2 (AS and A level) is here:

AS/A Level Psychology Unit 2 – Model Essay Answers 7181/2

“The way to get started is to quit talking and BEGIN DOING.” – Walt Disney
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  1. Mika Diaz says:

    ugh this is so annoyng ive been looking for revision videos and source to help with psychology but i cant seem to find anything my college is doing a welsh board called Eduqas and the is vitually nothing to help on youtube or their website can thesetips be used for a different board or do i just struggle and die

  2. Hashim Naeem says:


  3. Gibster FGC says:

    Exam on wednesday

  4. Tahmeena Momtaz says:

    Do you provide any WJEC Eduqas material, or is it just AQA?

  5. ButterflyOnAWeb says:

    This is so helpful, thankyou for making this video. I love the way you talk also, you're very real and down to Earth!

  6. Mirxndx says:

    If I am going to continue psychology into A level – Should I revise for the AS model answers or the A level once for those that overlap?

  7. Hejraat Rashid says:

    Wasnt a 'bit of' a bold head tbf

  8. Issy Meir says:

    Hi! I can't find the past paper and mark scheme links – do you by any chance know where I could find them to make a booklet? Thanks!!

  9. Cereidee says:

    when will A2 2017 predictions be out?

  10. rory douds says:

    When the essay may mix between topics can you plan for those??

  11. Sarah Godwin says:

    In my school..if you don't get at least a C in as psychology you'd have to repeat the year ._.

  12. Awais Rehman says:

    where is biophchology in as?

  13. Hahaelinor says:

    So basically what you need to do is get the Loopa guides and remember the crap out of them

  14. Charlie Chisholm says:

    You fucking legend

  15. Paven Kaur says:

    It would be useful if you could cover edexcel psychology the new spec as well as AQA because im doing edexcel

  16. Monkey Man says:

    Hey Saj Devshi, Im taking A Level Psychology. However my Syllabus is VERY Different from what you are showing :/ Im doing the Cambridge International A Level, and for me my A2 Level is made up of Psychology of Health, Abnormality, Environment, Business and Learning and consists of only ONE Paper of 3hours, how come its so different?

  17. Tasha Wallace says:

    Hi Saj you see for paper 2 As aqa exam psychology can you please tell me the topics in it please because I'm hearing I don't have to do the humanistic approach

  18. dude14377 says:

    Last year went from a D to B overall. If I worked a bit harder would have got an A. Thank you!

  19. SJD Gaming says:

    Is 2 months before the exam enough time to learn it all?

  20. Thearkillian says:

    Finding it difficult to use past papers seeing as they are all based around the old spec, there are also only a limited amount of specimen papers available. What would you recommend is the best way to go about this?

  21. Kam Kruise says:

    Love the inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  22. abu adil khan says:

    really amazing video help me a lot

  23. Selasi Amepo says:

    I love this… "The road to success is through commitment"

  24. Abbas Ali says:

    your vidoes are mind blOwing but plx keep the BGM relatively low.

  25. Asmelash Miki says:

    secret society is every where and you are one of them

  26. Kenton Windvogel says:

    Hi Be Inspired. Thank you for the amazing inspiration. Please check out Hit The Ground

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  29. Mano K says:

    What is that movie of the ambidestrous on the board drawing DaVinci and solving notes?

  30. Diana•24• says:

    From what film is scene at 4:56? The guy with guitar? ?

  31. Falco Tree says:

    Giving motivation on snap guys — add : fefeballu

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  33. top 10s you wanna know says:

    wish me luck
    trying to open my own club

  34. Coressco the One & Only says:

    I want to suck-seed.

  35. Duy Anh Bùi Đặng says:

    thank you , but what is a film at 4:28 ?

  36. self motivation selection says:

    hey can you please specify the song used in this video??

  37. Doodle Master says:

    what a pile of crap

  38. yancho beats says:

    If u got a minute,please check out my music.Sorry for the self-advertisement in the comments section.It would mean a lot for a small producer. Thank you <3

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  40. michaelif depp says:

    I love your youtoube account. I follow eveytime but please add Turkish subtitle…

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