How to Start a Nonprofit: Article of Incorporation, Getting your EIN, and Preparing your Form 1023

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Part one of How to Start a Nonprofit features details on drafting and filing your articles of incorporation, ways of getting your EIN number, and first steps in preparing your Form 1023.


  1. Jamie Price says:

    I really want to listen to your video but I can't because of the background noise. I had a Brain injury two years ago and I'm largely healed but my brain wants to focus on you but it keeps having to redirect and focus on the music to then get back to you. I am sure your content is valuable and I want to listen to it. Please let me know if you can repost the video with just your voice

  2. Vincent Vidriales says:

    Hi Tim,
    I am in California and working towards a Non profit.
    Q: Do I use the Articles of Incorporation of a General stock corporation? or Closed corporation?

  3. Sir Ceaser says:

    Thanks bro

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