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Monday, April 22, 2019

Learn how to use italics and underlines when writing the titles of works or when emphasizing a particular word or phrase.

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Punctuation on Khan Academy: Punctuation is the collection of squiggles, dots, and lines that we use to separate sentences and their parts. Is a question mark punctuation? Yes, and so is an exclamation point!

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  1. Romina Murguia Covarrubias says:

    Oh my god! Bless Khan Academy! This was so helpful to me!

  2. Christopher HAYES says:

    Help, please. Barry named his son "Larry." or …Larry (italicized)

  3. Hex says:

    When you're typesetting, or using a word processor, you generally never want to use underline. Not for the title, not for headers, and especially not in a paragraph. There is no benefit in doing so, the same effect for titles and headers can be achieved with a larger font/bold type. Underlining makes the text less readable and looks messy, its alright for notes and handwritten stuff, but if you want to make a visually pleasing document avoid it.

  4. Nigward says:

    i dont speak i t a l i c s

  5. Nirvair Singh says:


  6. fernando boogie hernandez says:

    wow how amazing

  7. Cosmo Paris says:


  8. zierra28391 says:

    This is a very good vid a & i used it for my power point

  9. YeaImChance says:


  10. YeaImChance says:


  11. YeaImChance says:


  12. YeaImChance says:


  13. YeaImChance says:


  14. Hunter Cole says:

    (Listening to The Giver soundtrack)
    *Writes The Giver

  15. Fester Blats says:

    How would you emphasise a word in a title then? Like if "That's a Really Spicy Pepper" was the title of a book, and the word "Really" needed to be emphasised.

  16. Mark Cidade says:

    Italics are also commonly used for quotations, in lieu of quotation marks.

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