How to Use The – Articles in English Grammar

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Do you know how to use THE in English? It can be very confusing. If your language doesn’t have a word like the, learning how to use the correctly can be very difficult. Leave us a comment and practice what you learned in the lesson!
In this class, we’ll look at some simple advice and basic rules which will make it easier to remember how to use the correctly in English.

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1. What Does ‘The’ Mean? 1:47L
2. ‘The’ = WE Know Which One You Mean 2:48
3. How Do You Know If a Noun Needs ‘The’? 6:45
4. When Not to Use ‘The’ 11:06

This lesson can help you:
– Understand what exactly The means.
– Learn how to use The to talk about specific things.
– Recognize when a noun needs The.
– See when not to use The

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  1. Тимур Камилов says:

    This article rules for american english or british english?

  2. RIFAT Hassan says:

    I like your classes ❤❤

  3. chetosco says:

    Of course people will get angry if explained that way. The definite article in all the languages is nothing else but the demostrative pronoun THIS or THAT. The word THE is explained this way even in the etymological dictionary of the English language: THE is the ex-THAT. So, 90% of phrases where the natives use THE represent the excessive use of it. Actually, the non-natives speak a better English than natives for they understand the excessiveness of the definite article. If you have demostrative pronouns in your language, you don´t need definite articles. If you have both and use them both, you have no clue what definite articles are for.

  4. Daro Dewkeea says:

    Hello you english speaking top best lesson

  5. Cindy Zape says:

    Thank you for making this video. I've learned a lot.

  6. Ranjit Singh says:

    Oxford English the one hundred percent English

  7. ratna nurhayati says:

    i love your videos…very practical . I am looking forward to more videos especially on writing.

  8. LearnChinese EJ says:

    How about "West Lake"?Should we add "The" before it, like "The West Lake is famous in China." I checked the frequency of it in COCA, both have, the or no the. I am so confused!

  9. Phaven says:

    Thanks a lot, i'm understand now

  10. Татьяна Латышева says:

    Thank you for your video. But you didn't tell much information about using" the". For example " the nice dinner", " go to the church " & " go to church " , and a lot of other things…

  11. Cijo Robert says:

    Thank you so much. Please upload more videos …

  12. Yuan-Lung Cheng says:

    I read a children's book.
    It is a baseball game and it says in the book:
    "The batter hits the ball. He runs to first base."
    There is only one first base at a baseball field, which compels me to say, "He runs to the first base."
    What is the difference if I add a "the" there?
    I am confused and thank you.

  13. luis manuel Molina says:

    Wow I’m saving a lot of money with this classes

  14. Sunita Tomar says:

    Please tell the acceptions of using the with names

  15. pineapple disney says:

    thank you

  16. Daro Dewkeea says:

    Hello welcome top english thak you my pratic

  17. 416AMQ78 says:


  18. Xuan Dinh says:

    Love push me into the hell or love push me into hell? Could you correct my sentence please?

  19. Salim Kazi says:

    Please, could you upload a lecture on artical A and An use in the sentence.

  20. Silas HV says:

    I hope Oxford Online English will make some videos regarding hereto, thereto, hereunder, herein or something like that. I encounter it every day when working but I don't know them exactly and clearly. I wish you can help me. Thanks a lot.

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