How to Write a Book (For Beginners)

Monday, August 12, 2019

Interested in writing a novel but don’t know how? Check this out! The five steps of how to write a book!

How to Outline your Novel:
Revising Your 1st Draft:
How to Start your Novel:

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  1. AsteroidJesus says:

    Why does her shirt say SAK?

  2. Houda Rhioui says:

    What if you don't really have an antagonist. My antagonist is a disease

  3. Xbuster6 says:


  4. Tanya Agarwal says:

    You made me smile, Kim.

  5. slimebor says:

    I read silence of lambs and it inspired me

  6. Abhishek Biswas says:

    You won't believe what just happened… while admiring your beauty I got a hilarious plot line.. Coming Soon!!!!!

  7. Chewboiye says:

    I've always wanted to write a book. I've always wanted a futuristic and horror combination. I have always had these creatures in my head and they have always stayed the same. They are these dark gray creatures, humaniod, and are severly wrinkled. Their skin is rubery and greasy. They have no nose and have small beady eyes on the sides of their heads. their mouth is very circular with tiny and few teeth. they can't close their mouths and drool heavily. they stuff whatever they can down their throats. they have very thick black blood. some can feel pain and some can't. There are two variations of them: The brutes, with huge muscles and tendons that are as tough as leather, and the small, skinny ones. They are called Grays. They make loud and ear-piercing screeching noises when they see something. Their hands have no fingers and are replaced with claws the size of a lion's claws. They are like zombies and can infect other creatures if any of their bodily fluids enter their flesh, from any sized cut. they can only be killed by destroying their hearts or brain. Good luck sleeping now!

  8. Connie Tincher says:

    Title called: evil Queen vs the princess of good …….

    Once upon time there was a girl named Gabriela Angeline woods who had a most more beautiful sister named Sabrina Roseline woods Gabby's parents adorned their other daughter more than poor Gabby but one day she snapped it was just a normal Monday she woke up as late as usual at 8:15am so she took only piece of toast in her mouth and ran out the door and made it on time for 1 period her teacher always said in a annoyed tone " hello Mrs. Late your later as usual". She had enough of that'd bitches mouth so she shout back saying "THAT'S IT YOU BITCH I HAVE ENOUGH OF TONE NOW GONNA PAY NOW". Then everyone in shock what used to be a shy girl now a bad girl actually backed up the teacher so teacher was more surprise then her other students she said on almost Shakey voice " h-how d-dare y-you s-speak t-to a-a t-teacher like that" Gabby said in more evil voice or what are going to do about it she said and the teacher regret to speak to in almost mean voice or what brat Gabby grabbed the teachers proud student and even Gabby's own sister sabrina I will slit her throat right here and now if u stop being rude to. Me and that stupid teacher said go on idc anyways she was spoil anyhow she said ok u ask for it had Gaby slit her own sisters throat and slowly everyone was shocked and the teacher herself well love to stay and chat but I have to kill u and your so called little kids and my mean horrible parents well bye see in hell she did as she said and went. To hell and played with her new dolls forever and was the devil's little dark princess and so herself in few years became the queen of evil since father died for unknown reasons meanwhile with Sabrina she was in heaven crowned as a princess of good and was adopted bye goddess of heaven so she chose to get pay back to un so called sister and she did as she promise to day and it was the day of their battle the queen of hell was on high alert when her sister arrived and they fought for a awhile and of course Gabby lost and Sabrina won so now she protects anyone in danger and now with Gabby she was still in hell but planning revenge on her sister someday but for now she stays locked up in fire cell and Sabrina now has happy family again and not Gabby of course she never did one anyways so yeah that's my own story sorry if was long and hoped enjoyed it bye

  9. Connie Tincher says:

    I think how to write a story now thanks buts here my story

  10. david abe says:

    Here's what I do.

    1: Get a big idea where I know several (10 or more) big parts of the story including the start, middle and end or ideas in mind for these areas of the story.

    2: Start writing, just push some words out knowing where I want to go but also knowing that my start will be added to later more than likely.

    3: Write as much as I can at the start until I end my that written first idea. I have started in the middle and end as well.

    4: Skip ahead or go back in the story and write in other "big" ideas just like I did with the start.

    5: Once I get the "big" ideas done I start filling in the blanks because by now I have some characters developed and they create themselves going forward or backwards.

    6: Here is where I start writing notes based on individual scenes. This is usually 8-16 one sentence points that I can look back on as I get stuck so I know where I want to be going.
    This eliminates just guessing where I'm going while I'm writing but everything can be changed of course.

    7: make millions!

    Disclaimer, I have never written a book.

  11. Dat Boi Leo says:

    I've already written three books, but sometimes I just like to hear these things again. It's comforting to think that there was a time when these stresses didn't even matter to me. I'm trying to bring the joy back into writing, and you helped so much Kim.

  12. ArtWithBex says:

    no story is original

  13. Stephen Mandelbaum says:

    It was a dark and stormy night = gold

  14. Ausmen Austin Amien says:

    Thank u πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡from mae

  15. All Out says:

    In Endgame Tony stark saves world in Got Arya stark saves the World

  16. All Out says:

    In t- shirt stark right

  17. Aziz says:

    the writing of the first draft is relatively easy for me..
    the revising part is a real pain in the ass! i never reread stuff, so this part is what i hate the most

  18. Aaravos says:

    I have many questions to ask: how many personality traits should I give my character?, how many dislikes and likes I should give my characters, and how many more stuff like their fears and hobbies do I need to give them? it's something I have been wondering since I started my writing journey a year ago in 2018

  19. random person says:

    Every time I start writing, I reread everything until it actually starts to feel wrong and I end up deleting everything and well, I just never get far.

  20. Axis&Allies says:

    Do you help beginner writers. With what there idea is and check the outline and maybe drafts. I am looking for someone to look at what I have written and see what I can do better also change

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