How to Write a Feature Article Without Being a Robot

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Years ago I endured the performance of a pianist who had a million lessons but played like a gorilla. He had no touch! It was as if a mechanical robot was banging out the right notes devoid of any feeling for the music. So if you want to know how to write a feature article then for a starter you require feeling and touch and interest for your subject.

Sure you can purchase mechanical software that manipulates the sentences and creates articles for you and get an ‘article’ equivalent of a robot or gorilla playing the piano or, to stretch the simile, like the elephant who paints with his trunk at the local Zoo.

There is one system, that shall remain unnamed, that actually searches the net for you to provide sentences that fit with your article topic and the end product is a conglomeration of sentences, which read like the flow of setting concrete. It beggars belief that anyone could read these with interest and further their knowledge.

No! If you want to know how to write a feature article begin with your heart. Love the subject and pursue it till you understand and have feeling for it. Then you can begin to write. If you want great examples go the best newspaper columnists that you always read and get a feel for their style. Understand how they engage you in their subject and think about why you keep reading.

Of course you will need to follow other simple rules such as the length of your article being within the attention span of your average reader today. Don’t be so much of an expert that you overload your reader with all your wonderful knowledge. Think of your reader and how they receive rather than how impressed they might be if you keep churning stuff out to them.

If you want to be a feature article writer then you must see yourself as an artist who paints and loves it. You must see yourself as a communicator who loves to lift others to a new understanding about the subject. You are as the town crier from the middle ages who stood in the market place and cried ” hear ye, hear ye” and the public came running to hear the news he carried.

Is this all too much? Can’t I just hire a ghostwriter and get the job done? Yes you can and the results will be reasonable if not even good. However if you want to know how write a feature article or a good article as against just an ‘article’ then you must put yourself into it rather than employ a stand-in writer or else, with so many other article writers, sink into mediocrity with articles that read no better than the script on the side of a breakfast cereal package.

Now because, like me, you only have time to write good to average articles and you, like myself, are writing to make money and so If you are in the business of writing good to fair articles then that’s OK you might not win the Pulitzer for literature but you can still make some money.

How To Write a Feature Article or even a decent article will not happen through robot programs. Learn how to do that article with style and with all the other requirements if you want to be seen and read.
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