How to write a hook

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Learn how to write a hook (attention-getting intro) for an essay. Video includes 5 kinds of hooks: inverted pyramid, fact/statistic, anecdote/personal experience, rhetorical question, and bold pronouncement. Also included are 3 hooks to avoid.

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  1. David Williams says:


  2. Jorge Picco says:

    Channels like this one are clear prove that youtube's interpretation of user feedback does not result in the best user experience.

  3. Jorge Picco says:

    Sure is funny

  4. Scubadubalu _14 says:

    God damn u make it sound easy asf

  5. Tuxedo says:

    2019 anyone?

  6. fauzto says:

    This Is The Hook, It's catchy, you like it.

  7. Toby xiao says:


  8. Rainbow Flare says:

    Thank you so much 😊
    This really help me a lot
    Because the teacher said it was a good idea to make us right a hook like for 40 points to bran new students that just learned what it was… I can’t even pay attention that well…
    any way thanks to you I don’t think I’m getting an F 😊

  9. Lens Naruto the best says:

    That’s really helpful

  10. Zhilin Ruan says:

    Thx man I got the state test tommorrow

  11. Arya Maran says:

    8:00 LMFAO

  12. PM ink says:

    For a video on hook writing, this has a terrible hook.

  13. atlanta georgia says:

    Nice job on the work and the best thing.

  14. R Marsh says:

    Plaguring is a last resort but be ready

  15. Tropicana Roblox says:

    I don't get it…. SIKE

  16. HENRY ALLEN says:

    Wow good video

  17. MG IAM says:

    no i didnt. no expectation i was allready hooked

  18. コアリーCorey says:


  19. NoZoyEric says:

    The video are so good because the people who read this comment are very beautiful 🙂

  20. Zizou Kourichi says:

    Thank you is very helpful

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