How to Write a News Report in the OSSLT

Sunday, April 21, 2019

This video demonstrates how to write the News Report for the OSSLT for Ontario secondary school students.
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  1. _REDXLOTUS _ says:

    I wonder how many people saw the OSSLT memes. They're PRETTY GOOD. And Ali is the best, not Basira!

  2. Elite Raider says:

    I just did mine today , took me about 3 hours

  3. King Ping Bell says:

    Thank god lmao

  4. ANDY NGUYEN says:

    This is easy.

  5. Derek T. says:

    Watching during the osslt

  6. Gabriele Flores says:

    I shouldn't fail the OLC class fvck

  7. NovaStudio says:

    30 minutes before OSSLT starts and I just started studying haha

  8. Razzmatazz D says:

    I’m watching this the morning OF osslt…

  9. Sarujan says:

    BRAH!!! I got to do the OSSLT today

  10. Orphic Stars says:

    How I’m tryna be today 🙌🏻

  11. HexX Mopanial says:

    okay, sooo were all here stressing cuz the osslt is tomorrow and were completely lost

  12. Jack Hames says:

    Okay? How do we know if this is considered a good news report

  13. cameron ilkhan says:

    good luck bois

  14. NIC NIC says:

    wow he wrote this in 20min, it would’ve took me an hour💀

  15. Cyber-Bully says:

    Imagine that there are people who have been held back one year in their education due to a news report.

  16. Meng Zac says:

    the progressive tense of shovel is shovelling…

  17. Jesus Christ says:

    Who's here from Oshawa?

  18. Rift says:

    Let’s get this bread! Who’s at ESA

  19. Sofia K says:

    good luck tomorrow everyone!! 🙂

  20. Green Rampage says:

    Bear creek anyone? Lol.

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