How to Write a Research Paper Title

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

The title is perhaps the single-most important element of your research paper. It is the first thing that journal editors and reviewers see when they look at your paper and the only piece of information that fellow researchers will see in a database or search engine query.

Therefore, you want to make sure the title captures all of the relevant aspects of your study, but does show in a way that is accessible and captivating to readers. Follow these steps to create a perfect title for your paper.

This video includes:
✔ A explanation of why the research paper title is important
✔ Step-by-step instruction of how to write a strong title
✔ Tips for what to add and what to avoid in your title

Who should watch this video:
★Those submitting their research paper to a journal
★Researchers, professors, and graduate students who need some assistance creating a title

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  1. Safaijaz No1 says:

    Epic sir

  2. john rick de luna says:

    it is very usefull specialy to those students that making research papers

  3. Qwer Tyu says:

    This is completely useful but I don't agree on writing the title after the paper itself.

  4. Riaz Ahmad says:

    helpful video, came across after reading too many articles and getting no help. Thanks

  5. Ryan Dayaan says:

    The title will be created after the paper is written?

  6. Артем Мельник says:

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