How to write an article for a magazine

Thursday, October 5, 2017

How to write a magazine article. Why you should do it and what you should write.


  1. SpectreOZ says:

    Agreed Peter, from an information retention perspective magazines are the better media platform and I still have radio technical magazines from the mid 1980's 🙂

  2. doge says:

    I was messing around in google earth and found the "Harold E Holt Communications Station VLF towers". Have you ever seen this place?

  3. vk2ig says:

    Hi Peter, your video contains good tips for writing an article for a paper magazine or online.

    I think the paper magazines are going the way of the dinosaur … just like the "newspaper". An example in our case: my XYL and I elected to have AR delivered electronically, and not in hardcopy form. Incidentally (and slightly OT): I haven't bought a "paper" in years, but I still refer to the online news websites collectively as "the papers" … 🙂

    One aspect I like about "publishing" the few articles I do write on my own website is that I retain editorial independence – from the viewpoint of being able to update the material if required over time, and protecting the integrity of the technical content.

    Thanks again for the video,

    73, Mike VK2IG

  4. Argento Goldspier says:

    Peter I know you show things you have made to encourage people to build things. The old saying give a man a fish and he has some food for the day, teach a man to fish and he has food every day. But have you ever thought about selling on ebay some of these things you make on request, I know they are not on fancy circuit boards etc but people would be interested.

  5. Electronoob: Geeking Out says:

    I will keep your advice in mind, thanks.

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