How to write an Article with a Keyword Golden Ratio Keyword?

Sunday, September 8, 2019

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Ahmad Saifullah asked:
“bro, make an example of how write an article out of KGR keywords. Especially when there are more than one keywords… :D”

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  1. Nishant Chandravanshi says:

    I use three tools ahrefs, moz, semrush, moz, keyword tool pro plus and buzzsumo? Which one is good for KGR? Share your frist and second priority in these tools..please

  2. Dann Marceau says:

    Georgie is an asset.

  3. Farooq Qaisrani says:

    amazing, @doug

  4. Dencha says:

    Doug, I found a few KGR that are very similar but just worded differently, do you write an article for each keyword or combine them into one? Ex: Best shoes for running & best type of shoes for runners.

  5. Justus Asembo says:

    Hi Doug. The template link's dead. πŸ™

  6. Jim Galloway says:

    I just finished a very long article and used a bunch of long keywords -probably too many -how many is too many Doug? I appreciate your help Jim

  7. Marcus says:

    watched all of Cobra Kai. It was great! Btw I am "only" 28 haha.

  8. Gill says:

    I couldn't find a writer on upwork that would do a 1000-2000 article for 15$… tried several but maybe i'm too fussy! Found myself 'correcting' all their work which ended up more time consuming… Writing myself for now…

  9. Gill says:

    Hi Doug – love to see Georgie on… I have two puppies – 6 months old… collie/yorkshire terrier crosses…. the house is now a home… lol Georgie is on the bed I see – My two do that too! x

  10. ymaster41 says:

    hey Doug, im curious about image rights. how can we make sure that we have the right to use the product? do you contact the manufacturer to get written permission?

  11. Shubham Singh says:

    can we use the ratio for finding keywords even for adsense niche sites?

  12. Joe S Mulamoottil says:

    Hii doug
    I have been watching your your videosπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
    i have a small doubt about kgr
    I have done kgr reserch and found a long tail keyword. It is a question which starts with" how to" .Is it mandatory to use same longtail keyword as title?. If so how to set focus keyword for that in yoast seo plugin?

  13. MamaNeedsHerWine says:

    Another great one from Doug the P(no I)MP! Your tips and training is awesome! I so wish I found your channel sooner.

    Failure is not final and experiences are the fuel of future wins. βœ…

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