How to Write Articles That Will Make You Money – Part Two

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Okay, in part one we were discussing the absurdity of the statement of how hard would it be to sell water to a guy dying of thirst in the desert to writing articles and making money online.

Our story left off with a guy coming in and giving away free compasses with the purchase of the sports drink so the dying guy in the desert can find his way back out. After this happens, some of the guys say hey, you know what? We can put another station on the path back to civilization to sell to that guy again!

And then along comes a tourist who really does not want to walk back out and convinces one of the guys selling water or sports drinks to give him a ride on his way home, which of course he’d be glad to pay for.

That seller comes back the next day with a new strategy and now sells rides out of the desert and when you buy your ticket, you get all the water of sports drinks you want!

Now, one guy in particular figures there is enough lost tourist with enough money to actually sell helicopter rides back out of the desert and he sets up his operation.

Meanwhile, the African safari company is getting a bad rap on all these tourists they are losing so they set up a FREE service to get those who are lost back home all safe and sound and feeling very grateful to the safari company for offering this additional service.

So, the original guy who started all this is certainly out of business by now and if he isn’t, he sure isn’t selling many bottles of water when people can now get not only water for free but sports drinks as well and a free ride home.

This is exactly what happens in each and every niche you ever go into. Once it is seen as profitable you will face a lot of competition and you have to be the guy who always has the next best thing to offer the market or you will not last for long at all.

One of the best ways to create longevity and establish yourself as an expert in any niche is to write and publish articles. Article marketing that connects with the reader and keeps up with the changing landscape of your niche is the guy who will last the longest and make the most money.

When you write an article, you need to connect with your reader and there are certain ways to do this, so look out for the third installment of this series on how to write articles that will make you lots of money.

It is no secret that you need an effective plan of action to get you from dead broke to making your very first dollar online It doesn’t seem like that long of a journey, but without a detailed map and adequate instruction and education you will find yourself walking in circles.

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