How To Write Great Web Content (Copywriting Tips)

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Whether you need content for your website pages or want to create something new, John’s video explains how you can write content that resonates and encourages a clear call to action.

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There are many things to keep in mind when writing SEO content for your website and Alex, a Senior Marketing Consultant with Nova Solutions shares several that will help you write high quality SEO web content.

– Content must be readable. That means that it should be written the way people talk and not stuffed with keywords. The structure should be unique and easily accessible with the content broken down into subcategories or subtopics so that visitors to your site can skim for the main points. In other words, make your content user friendly.

– The rule of thumb is to include one image or graphic per page of writing. This is a simple way to get the attention of the viewer and make the content seem less overwhelming.

– Don’t write the content to your keyword – instead, write your content to the topic or to what people are interested in and find the appropriate keyword to fit.

– Include a clear call to action. Great content is only part of the equation – the visitor needs to know what to do next to reach you, get the answers they want and how you can close the deal.

Taking the time to research how to write quality SEO web content or working with a reputable web designer is a sure way to improve your website’s effectiveness and achieve a higher conversion rate.

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  10. How to Dance - For Men says:

    – Quote customer language
    – Use analogies and metaphors to teach concepts rapidly
    – Use power words
    – Start with reason why the reader should care

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