How to Write SEO FRIENDLY ARTICLE on WordPress in 2019

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

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Watch Complete Playlist of our Digital Marketing Mastery Course:

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►Lesson 1:  AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING for Beginners in 2019 (Tutorial) – Make 0 A Day :
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►Lesson 3: How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE WEBSITE in 2019 with WordPress (Step by Step Blueprint) :
►Lesson 4: FREE Keyword Research for SEO in 2019 (3-Step 100% Working Blueprint) :
►Lesson 5: How to Write SEO FRIENDLY ARTICLE on WordPress in 2019 :
►Lesson 6: How To Create AMAZON AFFILIATE ACCOUNT in 2019 (Step by Step Blueprint) :
►Lesson 7: What is SEO? Black Hat SEO? Search Engine Optimization in 2019 Explained :
►Lesson 8: How to CREATE BACKLINKS in 2019 (Step-by-Step Blueprint) :
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  1. Ankur Aggarwal says:

    Watch Complete Playlist of our Affiliate Marketing Mastery Course: (follow my step by step method and create a money making website for yourself)

  2. Swapnil Parab says:

    yes i want it

  3. Deepak Sharma says:

    Can you please provide us some any other ways to write an article except the paid ones as for a beginner it's a hell of a lot money.

  4. kids learning says:

    Yes I want

  5. Milind Mayur says:

    Yes I want it

  6. Shiney Wings says:

    I ankur seema here I am housewife n mother of one I am looking for work from home I am doing research for the same. I really need your help if its possible to you

  7. Travel IndiA says:

    Yes I want it

  8. saxena_saab says:

    sir you said, write at least 5-10 article but in the previous videos you told us to select only 1 niche , so does it mean 5-10 article on any 1 niche? (ex: laptop bags) do reply sir, thanq

  9. saxena_saab says:

    yes i want it , amazing work sir!


    Dear Ankur Ji, registration is currently closed for Iwriter. Is there any other way to outsource the content writing or If I write myself, how do I find so much information for the content if I want a better informative content than my competitors?

  11. Suraj Singh says:

    Yes, i want it.

  12. atif khan says:

    Yes i want it.

  13. sandeep yadav says:

    Hi Sir, Thank for explaining the technique to write the articles. It is really helpful. my question is that How many keywords we can put in one article?

  14. Business startup says:

    yes wanted

  15. J-Guy Ouellette says:

    Very happy to have found this video, very informative. Thanks a lot, Ankur, I will follow your channel now.

  16. Shashank Chauhan says:

    Are we not going to get copyright strike if we use someone else's youtube video in our article. Please reply..

  17. Shashank Chauhan says:

    Is there a time limitation for the first 10 articles to be posted on the amazon afiliate website?

  18. saroj rastogi says:

    sir the iwriter has stopped registering new members. then which one to select?

  19. Yuvraj Pratap Rajwade says:

    Yes I want this

  20. radhika sanyal says:

    hi..please send me the checklist.

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