How to write the perfect speech

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Use this video to help you write the perfect speech in your exams. Follow the instructions and you will have no problem achieving the very highest marks. Thanks for watching! Please subscribe and then keep revising: register for HUNDREDS of FREE videos covering English, Maths and Science for GCSE and A-Level revision at
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    what happen if you didn't write the starting of speech which is given in the Exam ? Can anyone answer me that how many will be deducted?

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    Can anyone score my speech out of 30?
    Summer 2016 speech directed writing task

    Good morning everyone,

    I know that it is hard for you all to wake up everyday and follow the same boring routine of coming to school and then spending the evening in front of the telly. In order to eradicate this boredom of yours, me and my class fellows arranged the Sports Day for students of grade five to nine.

    Today, I am very pleased to say that the sports day was a big success as you all took part very enthusiastically. From your support, it became clear that we are not fragmented but that we stand as one; united.

    To begin with, the event was held at the Sports Complex Wah, four days ago. To get rid of the widespread apathy among all, a number of activities were arranged. I, myself, was assigned to supervise a football match between four teams. Apart from that, activities like tug of war, 100 m race and sack-race were also held.

    Also, the parents were invited so that they could be a source of support for their children. At the end, trophies and medals were given to the teams and individuals who had triumphed in the competitions. Certificates of participation were also given to all participants to encourage them to attend events like this more often.

    As I have said before, the sports day not only helped to remove boredom from daily lives of students but it also provided them with an opportunity to take a break from regular studies and realize their potential at sports. Me and my class fellows also enjoyed the experience of managing an event like this. It helped build confidence in us and also helped to highlight out hidden talents.

    Thank you.
    point out my mistakes

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    Why is English so dead, I still haven't passed it after 1 resit, I doing my A levels now and tomorrow is the English unit 2 exam, wish me luck

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    Any tips on thinking of points as this is the main problem

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    With articles, speeches and letters, are you better off risking introducing a long/complex word and spelling it wrong, or playing it safe by using pedestrian vocabulary? I mean, sure you will get marked-down for poor spelling?!

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    This really helped to build my confidence in my IGCSE examinations today. Except for a speech we had to write a letter but based on a similar topic. This video and another video on the composition of letters were, hands up, helpful!!
    Thank you.

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    When writing a speech or a talk, do you use short forms or not? Thanks in advance

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