How use definite article ‘the’ in Hindi

Monday, November 6, 2017

Articles a, an and the in Hindi. Learn rules for using definite article ‘ the ‘. In this video there are many rules for using definite article ‘ the ‘. There are many videos about articles but friend this video is very clear to learn using definite article ‘ the ‘. You can also find the video about using Indefinite articles in the channel. So friend learn rules about definite and Indefinite articles in this channel with easy ways.
Friends there are many videos about English grammar on this channel. Friends in this channel you will find all the important topic of English grammar with easy ways in Hindi.
If you want to learn how to change Active voice into Passive voice, What is object, What is Subject, how combine two or more simple sentences into a simple sentence, how chance direct into indirect speech etc topics you can find in this channel. This channel is completely for those students or English learner who want to learn all the important rules of grammar.
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